Cancer(f) x Capricorn(m): Jobs

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so basically pisces is a daycare worker, capricorn is a pizza delivery boy and cancer works at michaels (arts and crafts store)

qotd: what's your favorite zodiac ship?


"I wish I could just stop," Cancer complained to Pisces while taking her Michael's printed shirt, revealing her tight tank top. Pisces was laying sideways on the couch, watching Steven Universe on the TV. "At least your job is fun."

Pisces chuckled. "Oh yes, because being with kids all day is... fun," Pisces said with a boring tone. "Oh! Steven Universe is on. It's Cry for Help, wanna watch?" Pisces pointed to the TV screen. Cancer sighed and flung her shirt over her shoulder.

"No thanks, I'm just gonna-" Cancer's statement was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Pisces sat up on the couch.

"Oh yeah, I ordered pizza. Here's money," Pisces said, handing Cancer seven dollars. Cancer took it and walked towards the door.

"Awww, thanks," she said flatly. She unlocked and opened the door to find a boy dressed in a bright red attire which didn't match his orange hair at all. He was smiling, and his name tag said 'Capricorn' in black letters. Capricorn was holding a box of pizza with the brand logo on it.

"Hey thanks, here you are." Cancer handed Capricorn the money as Capricorn laughed silently and gave her the pizza box.

"Your welcome, madam," he said jokingly. Cancer laughed. That felt nice to Cancer. She hadn't laughed since this morning (before she went to work that is).

Cancer said goodbye and closed the door. "Hm. He was cute," she stated, bringing the box of pizza to Pisces inn the living room. Pisces smirked.

"I can order pizza again tomorrow and request him to come."

"Ha. No need. No more boys."

"You've been saying that for a year. Why don't you go on one date?"

"Dates are stupid. Boys are stupid."

Cancer took a slice of the cheese pizza and took a bite. Pisces looked back at the TV screen, which was still displaying Steven Universe.

"What happened with the kids today? Got any weird stories?" Cancer asked out of boredom. Pisces groaned and whipped her head back softly.

"Ugh, so there's this new kid...and he's a germaphobe and he brought four bottles...of Purell to class. ...Everybody kept yelling at him, 'Stop putting hand sanitizer everywhere!'" she told, pausing in between her words to swallow her pizza bites.

Cancer laughed. Pisces was half way done with her pizza slice. "But there was this one girl who hang out with him. Ah, it was so cute.... Boy, I wonder why 7 year olds can find love and you can't."

"Ha ha, very funny..." Cancer said sarcastically. The two stayed silent for a while until they finished the pizza. Pisces spoke up.

"I'm ordering pizza tomorrow."


"Ugh, Laurie trying to make me do stuff, like I wasn't the one who organized all the copic markers..." Cancer mumbled under her breath as she fumbled with her keys to open the door. The door opened, and Cancer heard the indistinct voices of the TV. She couldn't tell what channel it was.

"Pisces?" Cancer asked herself as she walked to the kitchen. She found a note that had sloppy handwriting.

'Working after hours, be ready for the pizza boy. You pay.'

Cancer rolled her eyes, yet she adjusted her hair. The door bell rang right on time. Cancer walked slowly across to the door, still wearing her ugly green work shirt. She opened the door.

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