Taurus(f) x Aquarius(m): Diaries

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This ones kinda long brace yourself

Taurus is an exchange student from Britain and just moved to a new school.


Entry 1. Day 1.

Dear Diary,

In my dictionary, he's perfect. He may not be in the everyone's dictionary, but if you looked in mine, the definition of perfect is him.

That sounded creepy. Sorry, I wanted to start this off dramatic.

I didn't quite catch his name. Then again I don't really care.

I know judging people by first glance is dumb, and falling in love with them at first sight is non existent, but...

I don't know.

I don't know what I'm talking about.

I sat down in class when I first saw him. He sat maybe 2 seats away from me. He had dark brown hair and black eyes, but that was all I could make out of him.

When the teacher told me to tell the class my name, for some reason they all looked confused at my accent, accept for him. He was the only one that didn't laugh.

Entry 2. Day 5.

Dear Diary,

I confronted him today, and for one thing, he didn't look weirded out!

He said that he really liked my accent, which, honestly, no one ever really does.

I didn't want to let my emotions play out flat like this on the second day of school, and only a week of America!

I really didn't want to fall in love this early.

But maybe it will end up great? Ah, who knows. He looks softer than all the other kids though.

I should probably stop using pronouns. He told me his name was Aquarius.

Entry 3. Day 8.

Dear Diary,

America is hard.

In Britain, we had mean girls, but only up north and in higher grades.

But they're everywhere in America. One told me to get lost and stop... snoozling(?) up to Aquarius.

But in other news, Aquarius smiled at me in class, which was very adorable. I felt sort of embarrassed because my face was probably extremely red.

And once again, one of the girls scoffed at me when that happened. Aquarius shot her a mean look and went back to doing work.

Which confused me.

We didn't really have thus back home because there were strict rules in the school.

But get this, you can chew gum in class! How cool and rebellious is that?

Entry 4. Day 12.

Dear diary,

Aqaurius came up to me this time today, and I was very nervous. I could see everyone darting their eyes over to us.

I hope he likes me.

Most likely not, but I can try.

I've also been feeling a little sad maybe... depressed in some cases because of this school.

Because of other girls. Them.

And its pretty obvious that Aquarius can't stand them. Maybe they like him, too.

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