The Signs Deciding on What to do

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All the signs are at Leo's house cause it's the biggest and its super cool. They don't know what to do.

Leo: Guys, I didn't invite you all to sit in a circle and talk about past regrets. Can we please do something?

Aries: Yeah, Leo's right. Any ideas? --secretly plotting an escape--

Gemini: How about we all do a karaoke of (insert that 2 year old song that everybody is tired of)

Libra: Gemini, can you just grow up and be a bit more up to date like Cancer?

Cancer: --in the corner of the circle and rewatching a 4 year old anime season finale and crying from the feels--

Virgo: Or we could dance to (insert latest pop dance song)

Scorpio: I'm up for it! --starts seductively breakdancing in front of wherever they are sitting--

Leo: --starts banging his head against a pillow, careful to not ruin his handsome face--

Pisces: You are all idiots. Can't we do something less exhausting?

Sagittarius: Like what? Watch another episode of American Horror Story?

Capricorn: I usually wouldn't give a fuck but my ears almost bled out the last time we did that because Pisces screamed so loudly.

Aquarius: I agree with Pisces. Maybe....

Taurus: oh no

Aquarius: we should do something...

Taurus: don't

Aquarius: more inactive like....

Taurus: screw you

Aquarius: WAtCh SoME ALIEN DOCUMETARIES --emphasizes on every word and smiles--

Taurus: THATS IT. Where is the fridge Leo!?

Leo: --is still banging their head against a pillow--

At the end of the day...

Aries: There, there --comforts Leo and makes up an excuse to leave early--

Gemini: --downloads the karaoke of the song for free on their phone and is giving full out performance while Libra makes faces and criticizes her behind her back--

Scorpio: --is teaching seductive breakdancing to Virgo and rants about how everyone should have a kinetic party--

Pisces: --runs away from Sagittarius and joins Cancer in watching anime season finales and crying--

Sagittarius: --tries to force Pisces into watching another scary TV series but is dragged away by Capricorn to get food--

Capricorn: --opens the fridge with Sag but finds all the drinks and food stuff vanished--

Taurus: --sitting in the dark corner of the house and finishing an entire pringles can with Aquarius while learning about aliens and conspiracy theories from them--


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