Sagittarius(f) x Libra(m): Bus Ride

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sorry im doing a lot of sag one shots, the next one will be diverse


---Sagittarius p.o.v

This part always went wrong, no matter how many new faces I saw. It was the same group of stereotypes, with the same petty girls and tough jocks, all sitting at the back of the bus.

The tires squeaked in front of me, puffy black smoke clouding the trees in front of me. I was the only kid here.

The aisle was grated with silver strips of metal along the sides. I dare not look at the diverse faces that I knew were staring at me.

"Is that the new kid?" whispered somebody.

"Where is she from?"

These questions always bothered me.

There were no seats that were completely open, and each seat had at least 2 people in it. There was one seat open, next to a boy that didn't look to be disturbed, as he was wearing headphones. He didn't look at me.

The glares of the "popular" kids eventually over took me, and I sat next to the boy, my eyes shifting downwards.  I can see that the boy now looks a bit uncomfortable, but keeps his calm. I could just about see his phone.

---Libra's p.o.v

I wonder if she dyed her hair that color, I thought, trying not to be obvious by staring at the girl who just sat down next to me.

I knew this was going to happen at some point, this seat wasn't going to be empty forever. I tried not to look at the girl, letting the music playing from my phone swarm my thoughts completely. It didn't work as well as I had thought, because I couldn't stop looking at her.

She wasn't that well dressed, as she was only wearing a tee shirt and loose pants. I saw her head slowly lean over to my side. Her eyes tried not to look curious as she looked at my phone.

She saw that I was listening to a Mike Krol song, then instantly looked away. "Do you... like Krol?" I finally said.

I noticed that her face was a bit different when I spoke to her. "Oh, I'm sorry, I-"

I suddenly felt bad. "No, you're okay. Well do you like him?"

"Um, yeah I... I listen to him a lot, so..." she dragged off. "I'm Sagittarius," Sagittarius continued, a bit louder this time.


---Sagittarius' p.o.v

There was always that one kid who would try to befriend me, but give up trying, as it was pointless.

But for some reason, I had a small speck of hope deep inside that he was different. We talked for a while, until we arrived at the school. Libra didn't talk to me at school.

---timeskip to the next day---

There was a bit of light nervousness in my heart, but only a little bit. The sight of Libra's warm brown hair always caused me to look away from other kids on the bus, and I could only focus on him.

That was creepy...

Forget I said that.

I walked up upon the familiar bus stairs, the old thing clanking against my feet. The bus is the same, same "seating chart".

Walking to the back of the bus, the sight I saw next to Libra almost made me sad. A pair headphones sat in my seat, almost reserving it completely. His soft headphones were on his head, drowning out the world ahead of him. Weirdly enough, I realized he had two.

Libra looked at me quickly with an apologetic look. "Sorry, here," he said, taking off his headphones and picking up the pair of headphones in my seat and handing them to me. I shyly sat down with the headphones in my hands.


Libra took the headphone jack of his set out of his phone and held it in front of me. "Oh, what do you..."

"Take it, I have a playlist for you."

"Oh, okay..." I took the phone and headphone jack.

---Libra's p.o.v

I have to admit, it's kind of creepy that I made a playlist specially for Sagittarius. But she seemed like someone who was worth to get to know.

And she's very beautiful.

That was creepy...

Forget I said that.

She inserted the jack into the phone. I directed her to a playlist, then she hit shuffle. The first song that popped up was Like A Star as the headphones were on her head.

"You made this for me?" Sagittarius asked instantly. My fave grew hot.

"No, I just- I- it was... already there-" I stuttered. I face-palmed myself in my head. All she did was giggle quietly. It's weird to see how open she's become.

It was lucky that all the "cool kids" had no problem with me, or else Sagittarius pale skin would have been ripped to shreds by now.

"Right, right, I get it," she stopped giggling to say. "Thanks, by the way."

"For the playlist?"

"No, dummy. For a tolerating me," she said, looking up. I looked at her confused. She placed her hand in the space in between the two of us. "Everywhere I go, everything I transfer, it stays the same. Nothing changes. No one looks or talks to me. It just isn't natural."

She paused.

"I've switched schools 4 times now."



We both sat in silence after Sagittarius said that. I placed my hand on her's after a while.

"Well... maybe this time it could be... a lot more different."



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