The Signs Stranded on an Island

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The signs were on a boat to an island. The boat crashed, and now there stranded on a different island...

Pisces: --hyperventilating-- WE'RE GONNA DIE WE'RE GONNA DIE

Taurus: Calm down, Pisces. There are only, like, 10 ways we can die out here...

Cancer: AHH

Virgo: Guys, we're fine. We just need to find shelter AND find fresh water and food.

Libra: Yeah, Virgo's right. Let's be sensible... but how do we get home?

Gemini: We better get home, I haven't checked my Tumblr feed in 3 days.

Aries: This could be fun! We can survive like on those Bear Grills shows!

Aquarius: But those are so fa--

Aries: --runs out towards the trees--

Cancer: Aires! Wait! --runs after Aries--

Capricorn: Welp, there they go to die.

Virgo: They'll be fine. Okay, we need fresh water.

Pisces: Can we first check if Scorpio is alive? --pokes Scorpio, who is on the ground, with a stick--

Scorpio: --gets up quickly-- TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA- ... where are we?

Pisces: Phew, you're okay...

Libra: I'll go get water with Gemini!

Gemini: Awwwww, okay babe!

Aquarius: how about we just all drown in the ocean

Virgo: No way, we can do this! Libra and Gemini will get water, and me and Taurus will get wood for a fire, Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius and Scorpio you all get food.

Pisces: But that's really danger-

Leo: WOOO LETS GO!!! --runs off into the forest--

--Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn, and Scorpio follow Leo--

Sagittarius: This is going to end badly... --follows the rest--

Taurus: Let's hope they'll be okay.

*We magically go to Aries perspective because Author~chan can do anything she wants.*

Cancer: Aries!! You're going to get hurt!

Aries: Loosen up! Why are you always so stiff?

Cancer: I'm just... worried about you...

Aries: --grabs Cancer's hand-- Don't be. C'mon! Let's look for something useful!

Cancer: --blushes-- O-okay!

*The two walk for a while, and stumble across something.*

Aries: --gasps and whispers-- Look over there. --points to a rabbit--

Aries: --finds a sharp stick-- I can take it.

Cancer: --grabs Aires arm-- No! It's harmless...

Aries: But we need food.

*Cancer looks away as Aries inches towards the rabbit, very quietly. He aims the spear at it and strikes, but he was too loud, and the rabbit ran away as fast as he could. Aries groaned.*

Aires: --throws the stick down-- ARGH! IT WAS RIGHT THERE!

Cancer: You were too loud. It was inevitable.

Aries: Lets try something else then.

Cancer: How about we try going back.

Aries: No! We have to do something cool.... Wait. Let's go back to the ocean. --grabs Cancer's hand and pulls her along--

Cancer: Wha- hey!


Libra: No, you're cuter.

Gemini: No you are!

Libra: No you- Do you hear that?

Gemini: --gasps-- Water. This way! --runs off--

Libra: --runs after Gemini-- Wait!


Ugh this is awful but I don't have the time right now to fix it. School is starting next week for me and I've been really tired lately.

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