thirty one

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^ 2:43pm, the next day: alex from the future here i apologize happy birthday joshua dun


sixty five days in

"you're just driving in circles," josh pouts, glaring out the window.

"well you haven't told me where to go yet," jordan rolls his eyes.

josh crosses his arms.

"i want to do this alone," he says.

jordan sighs, glancing at his brother in the passenger seat. "i know you do. but you really can't."

josh is about to open his mouth and reply, but his phone starts ringing.

"judge me for my stayin' alive ringtone and i kill you," he snaps at jordan, sliding his phone to answer.

"you've reached joshua dun, no i do not need mental help, how can i help you?"


josh doesn't recognize the voice. he tilts his phone in front of his face so it'll light up once again. he glances at the number. all he gathers is the columbus area code. he hits speaker.

"who is this?" he asks, watching jordan eye the phone suspiciously.

"we have your boyfriend. if you want to see him alive you need to show up to the address i text you with 33,000 dollars, cash, by five p.m. if you fail me, i will kill your enti-"

"pete!" a voice scolds, and there's a shuffling noise as the phone is fumbled.

"hello? joshua dun?"

"yeah, who is this?" he snaps, getting impatient.

"sorry, that was pete. he was totally kidding. my name's patrick we're uh, tyler's friends. look we have him safe and sound, but he's been crying for you since he got here yesterday afternoon. we think you should kiss and makeup, now."

"yes! we're on our way, text me the address i'll pick him up in ten minutes," josh hangs up the phone with no further comment, eager to finally see tyler again.

his phone chimes once more, a message from patrick, giving his address. he quickly reads it to jordan, slightly dismayed to see it's a fifteen minute drive. he bounces anxiously the whole ride there.

as soon as jordan pulls into the driveway of the cute yellow one story, josh is pushing open the door and running to the porch. he knocks once, plowing over the tall blonde boy who opened the door.

"tyler?" he calls, spotting him in the kitchen.

his eyes are red and splotchy but even josh registers the relief in them. he runs over to him, hugging him tightly.

"i'm so sorry, baby," he whispers, rubbing tyler's shoulders.

"i know," tyler says, going limp in josh's arms.

someone clears their throats behind them, and josh turns, annoyed.

"so you're the lucky guy," the blonde who answered the door has his arms crossed.

"pete, you're being weird," a shorter boy comes to stand next to him.

"i am not, let me look edgy," pete hisses.

"pete you're the farthest thing from edgy," tyler rolls his eyes.

"says the boy who cried on my couch for an hour yesterday," pete snaps.

"hey josh?" jordan steps in the room timidly.

"jordan, i got him," josh smiles for the first time in two days, gesturing to the boy in his arms. tyler hides his face in his gray sleeves.

"i see that. uh, hi i'm jordan," jordan attempts a smile, and waves at the three unknown boys in the room.

"sure you don't wanna introduce yourself as the man of my dreams?" pete turns, batting his eyelashes at josh's brother.

jordan blushes and looks at the ground. pete goes on to say much more and by the end of his small spiel, jordan is stumbling over his own words.

"okay, well, nice to meet you both, i'll be taking my tyler now," josh announces, helping tyler onto his feet.

"woah, woah, woah," pete says, holding a hand to block their way.

"what are you, a jockey?" patrick rolls his eyes.

"give me one good reason i should let you take tyler," pete says, shooting a glare at patrick.

"because i love him," josh smiles.

the room is quiet for a minute, but eventually everyone decides to let them go, with quiet murmurs of "good enough for me."

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