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Let's Recelebrate (a Joshler story) (Celebrate ALTERNATE version) by InthenameofJoshDun
Let's Recelebrate (a Joshler story...by InthenameofJoshDun
(re)Writing an alternate version of my (probably) most popular book Celebrate, because I always wished I had written the beginning differently. This is how I wished I ha...
Keeper and Protector • Joshler • ✔️ by talktoemspooky
Keeper and Protector • Joshler • ✔️by talktoemspooky
What was a Keeper without his Protector's love and affection to keep him alive? Tyler Joseph. What was a man who had never been a Protector before but was willing to fig...
Golden (Joshler) by violetjosh
Golden (Joshler)by violetjosh
Tyler's a basketball player, who stresses over everything. He falls into little space more often than not. Josh, his english teacher. Just so happens to witness this a...
daisy // Tyler Joseph + Jenna Black by neongravestones
daisy // Tyler Joseph + Jenna Blackby luna
"who's daddy's good little girl?" [highest rank: #2 in "jennajoseph" 12/15/18] [highest rank: #11 in "jyler" 12/16/18] [highest rank: #1 in...
Celebrate [a Joshler story] by InthenameofJoshDun
Celebrate [a Joshler story]by InthenameofJoshDun
Tyler Joseph, worldwide popular solo artist who plays 20K arenas around the world, has been mentally spiraling down lately, mainly because he can't be with and misses hi...
Under The Covers {joshler} by liliesandstags
Under The Covers {joshler}by {CLOSED}
They had a fool proof plan in place: Argue. Wait to be alone. Make out. The rules were just as simple: Don't get caught. Don't tell anyone. (and most importantly)...
Shy//JOSHLER by turtlewithoutashell
SHY // JOSHLER Age 6 "Hi, my names Joshua." The timid boy greeted the boy sitting next to him. "I'm Ty" the boy paused for a few seconds "ler&q...
Tyler Joseph x Reader by blurry-fics
Tyler Joseph x Readerby max
These are not related to one another in anyway, just a collection of random one shots!
You Can Take It Off (When You're Ready) [Twenty One Pilots] by OhMyEmmah
You Can Take It Off (When You're R...by Emma
(Sequel to We All Have Our Masks) After a little more than a year, Lena is finally back in the US, and it might be for good. Her silence, though, has left Tyler and his...
I'll Take Care Of You Too (a Joshler story) by InthenameofJoshDun
I'll Take Care Of You Too (a Joshl...by InthenameofJoshDun
Tyler Joseph was a 21-year-old guy who babysat a 4-year-old girl at least five days a week for the past three years, except for the holidays. Her name was Riley Dun, dau...
We all have our masks [Twenty One Pilots] by OhMyEmmah
We all have our masks [Twenty One...by Emma
After spending her teenage years in France, Lena comes back to her home country to look for long lost family members. Along the way, she finds friendships, compassion, s...
i hired a hitman on myself // joshler [✓] by smilingtyler
i hired a hitman on myself // josh...by frisk
this is why you should never trust the roommate you got off of craigslist. 3/09/17 {#816 in fanfiction} 3/18/17 {#206 in fanfiction} 3/25/17 {#185 in fanfiction} 3/29/17...
Church Camp Talks (a Joshler fanfic) by InthenameofJoshDun
Church Camp Talks (a Joshler fanfi...by InthenameofJoshDun
Joshua loves his friends and Youth Church more than anything else. That's why he can't wait to go on Church camp again. It's his happiest place and time on earth. Tyler...
I Fell And You Caught Me | Tyler Joseph X Reader by StellaLatte
I Fell And You Caught Me | Tyler J...by Stella Latte
Trigger Warning: Suicidal Actions, Depression "Goodbye," I whispered. And with that, I let myself fall. Now the question is, how did I get to the hospita...
online (joshler) by nevermxnd
online (joshler)by ally
typical texting au/josh & tyler play a game and maybe fall in love. [[REWRITTEN]]
Circus - Joshler [✓] by wonderlandjoseph
Circus - Joshler [✓]by audrey!! <3
"Come on, be free. Live a little." "Why would I do that? You're all insane." The boy laughed, before looking the blue haired boy in the eye and givin...
somewhere only we know (joshler) by _justanothersky_
somewhere only we know (joshler)by ∞
"pressure creates diamonds," tyler said, and it sounded like he was reciting a poem. "or," josh countered. "it breaks you." he snapped his...
One Million Stories (Joshler one-shots) by InthenameofJoshDun
One Million Stories (Joshler one-s...by InthenameofJoshDun
Hi everyone! It's me, InthenameofJoshDun, who loves to write Joshler fics as well as Joshler one-shots. To make it easier for everyone to get notified whenever I publish...
Unexpected Christmas Gift (a Joshler story) by InthenameofJoshDun
Unexpected Christmas Gift (a Joshl...by InthenameofJoshDun
Josh sucks at dating. He really, genuinely sucks at dating. He sucks at it so much that he turned it into a career: he's a writer for a magazine where he writes about al...
Afraid [✔] (Joshler) by materialbodies
Afraid [✔] (Joshler)by sierra
that day, tyler promised to never love or trust a guy who called him sweetheart again. its better to stay afraid. - i'm begging you to, please, for my sake and yours, n...