twenty nine

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the 'somethings up with jack' chant screams violently in the background - alex changes it to make it say somethings wrong with josh just in case no one gets the metaphor/joke/its not a joke somethings wrong with josh what happened to josh.


it takes josh an hour to move.

everything seems hazy to him.

he wonders if anything is worth it.

the one thing was worth everything walked out an hour ago.

was it an hour ago?

time seems fuzzy.

he feels unreal.

is he dreaming?

he slaps himself once


three times.

he hasn't woken up from the nightmare.

he knows he's not sleeping.

he knows this is real life.

he lowers his head in his hands and he screams.

he screams so loud.

for so long.

jordan runs in.

he looks at the suitcase.

he looks at the empty bed.

he looks at the crumbling mess that is his brother.

josh keeps screaming.

josh won't stop screaming.

their parents run in.

josh is crying.

josh won't stop screaming.

they ask him what's wrong.

they shake his shoulders.

josh won't stop screaming.

his mother holds him in her arms.

his father stands back.

he's scared of his son.

josh won't stop screaming.

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