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fifty three days in

tylerrjoseph: im bored

joshuadun: you're sitting right across from me

tylerrjoseph: yet you texted back

joshuadun: because you would've complained that im ignoring you if i didn't

tylerrjoseph: you know me so well

joshuadun: hey can brendon and dallon come over

tyler texts back 'it's your house josh', but josh watches as he bites his lip nervously.

joshuadun: they don't hate you baby

tylerrjoseph: not your baby

josh raises his eyebrows, meeting tyler's eyes from where he sits on the couch. tyler giggles slightly, texting 'it's a joke'.

"why are we texting?" josh shakes his head, walking into his kitchen.

his parents haven't returned yet, and neither has his brother jordan. tyler has managed to crash at josh's for two nights and one day. not that josh is complaining.

"dunno," tyler shrugs, getting up to follow josh.

"you look like a lost puppy, ty," josh chuckles, grabbing a soda can from out of the fridge.

tyler rolls his eyes, boosting himself up onto the counter top. he swings his feet childishly, causing the cabinets underneath him to make loud 'thunk'ing sounds. josh shakes his head, going to stand in front of him. he grabs his legs, stilling their movements.

"sorry," tyler murmurs.

"why are you so nervous?" josh asks, rubbing circles into tyler's thigh.

"because i know how much of a jerk i was to you... and your friends are the ones who told me so," tyler bites his lip again.

"tyler," josh shakes his head, stroking tyler's cheek with his thumb. "i'm happy. you make me happy. they'll get over it, for me."

tyler nods slowly, enclosing josh in a tight hug.

"i'm still so sorry," tyler whispers against josh's neck.

"i'm sorry i cared so much about that game. i really had myself convinced it was the best trust exercise in the world," josh says, rubbing tyler's back soothingly.

"i get it... i understand. i lo- i'm sorry."

josh furrows his eyebrows as tyler cuts off something he won't say. he pulls back, only to be trapped in tyler's soft kiss. he nibbles on tyler's lower lip. tyler sighs happily, parting his lips.

josh grips tyler's thighs harder, spreading them apart so he can come to stand in between them. tyler's legs come to circle around his waist, pulling him closer. josh's hands find themselves roaming down tyler's body, while tyler's twist up in josh's hair. tyler makes the whimper sound that josh is crazy about, causing josh's hands to trail downwards. he wants more.

"hey, josh! we're here," he can hear brendon's sing-song announcement in the living room.

tyler flinches away from josh, but josh takes his time in pulling away. he runs his hand up tyler's shirt, the other hand resting on tyler's thigh. he sucks lightly on tyler's tongue, swirling it around with his own. he kisses him like he's trying to remember everything about tyler, before pulling away and smirking.

"they're here," he whispers.

tyler nods, and josh can see the fear in his eyes. he shakes his head. "don't be nervous," he murmurs, pulling tyler off the counter. he wraps one arm around tyler's shoulder, guiding him to the living room.

"josh! sorry ryan couldn't be- what the fuck is he doing here?" dallon glares, noticing the boy beside josh.

brendon nods at tyler, coming to stand slightly in front of dallon so as to subdue any lashing out he may try. josh shifts so he's shielding tyler from dallon.

"ryan talked to him. it's - everything's okay, dallon," josh states slowly.

"everything is not alright. do you not recall sobbing in your bathroom over this fucking jackass?" dallon snarls.

"dall," brendon shakes his head. "he's okay."

dallon stares at brendon for a second, listens to what he's saying. he visibly relaxes, nodding his head.

"i'm sorry," he says to tyler.

"i-it's okay," tyler smiles hesitantly.

dallon beams, striding over to wrap the boy in a hug. over dallon's shoulder, tyler tosses josh a confused look while returning the hug with ease.  josh just shrugs, smirking.

"gay," brendon coughs.

"shut up, baby," dallon glares at him.

"make me," brendon drawls.

"that's gay, and pg-13, and no one wants to see that, thank you please hand me back my boyfriend," josh shakes his head, prying tyler away from dallon.

"later," dallon winks at brendon, who falls on the floor from hysteric laughter.

"oh jesus," josh pinches the bridge of his nose.

tyler giggles, gripping josh's hand fondly.

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