twenty two

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hi guys this is the first new**** chapter since being back officially.

i havent had a good day bc boy i love isnt really loving me and i am sad about him potentially loving another girl so here is a chapter to make me feel better.

also this was weird writing because i realized i didn't know josh's parents names and then through trying to research i could only find anything through jordan's instagram page?? and once josh got interviewed about his music choices and whatever and said that his parents wouldn't really let him listen to any music as a kid and theyd get mad if they caught him with some records/CDs??? is josh okay??? what is his relationship with his parents im so concerned??

eventually, tyler had to go back home.

they'd both decided they didn't want to introduce tyler to josh's parents yet, and of course tyler's parents were probably worried sick about him not being around. so josh threw him a clean black shirt, and sent him out the door with a final kiss on the cheeks. tyler left a good ten minutes before josh's mom pulled in that evening.

"ty- oh hey mom!" josh opens the door, startled.

"expecting someone?" she raises an eyebrow, ushering jordan, josh's brother, and his dad inside.

they each pass him with a pat on the shoulder as he stammers, trying to tell her no he wasn't expecting anyone. this only results in questioning glances as everyone tries to weave around josh to take in groceries. about to slap himself in the face, josh turns it around and asks where they've all been.

"well, our company's trip ended up being near jordan's college. we found out your brother here," she pauses, shooting a glare and a sheepish jordan's retreating back, "rear ended his professor, and the college won't let him bring his car on campus for the rest of the semester."

"damn," josh whistles, earning a light smack on the back of the head.

"language," his mom warns, setting a giant pineapple on the counter.

"it's english," josh replies, taking several oranges out of a bag.

"the sass is real joshua," his dad walks over, snagging an apple and taking a bite.

"we need those for a fruit salad," josh's mother scowls, smacking the offending hand holding the apple.

"laura," josh's dad groans.

"well you've already bitten it now. go on, get out," josh's mom whips a washcloth at him.

"hey josh!" jordan yells from upstairs.

"hey what!?"

"who's last name is joseph and why is their sweatshirt here?"

josh's blood runs cold. he freezes, and he can feel his heart hammering in his chest. what does he do? can he say tyler was here? he has a feeling his parents won't take too kindly to him having people from the internet over while they were away. oh gosh, jordan's gone and walked down the stairs now. josh thinks of something - fast.

"um, this girl from school. her name's jenna," he lies, trying to act like its no big deal.

"you had a girl over while we were away?" josh's dad's eyes narrow. he's suspicious. something isn't adding up to him.

"and brendon and dallon. the gang, you know," he shrugs.

"but: jenna joseph?" his dad presses.

"it's a pretty name, gosh. what's wrong with it?"

"nothing's wrong with it," jordan defends, giving his dad a weird look.

"how long did those boys stay over?" his mom changes the subject while shaking her head, as if it's unbelievable three teenage boys could stay around each other over an extended period of time.

"not long," josh waves a hand in disregard.

eventually everybody quiets down for the night, as there are no more mysterious sweatshirts. his parents are having the time of their life discussing their upcoming conference (they do a lot of work stuff) with jordan, who might intern there, so josh manages to get away with texting during what was supposed to be family movie night.

joshuadun: you left your sweatshirt here /:

tylerrjoseph: i know i realized as soon as i was too close to home to turn around. does it smell bad or something??? what's with the face

joshuadun: my brother found it and i had to tell my family it was from some girl named jenna joseph.

tylerrjoseph: you couldn't just say tyler joseph?

joshuadun: i didn't wanna have a conversation about who you were

tylerrjoseph: do your parents not know you're gay or something

josh's eyes flash nervously upwards toward his parents. the answer is no.

joshuadun: it's not that it's just what would i introduce you as

tylerrjoseph: tyler joseph?

joshuadun: my ..?

tylerrjoseph: oh

joshuadun: yeah

tylerrjoseph: um boyfriend?

joshuadun: do you want to?

joshuadun: be boyfriends, that is

tylerrjoseph: i mean yeah

joshuadun: buy me dinner first, joseph

tylerrjoseph: then you'll be my boyfriend?

joshuadun: only then

tylerrjoseph: whatcha doin this weekend then

joshuadun: you got yourself a date

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