twenty four

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ive been treated like absolute shit today but im hella proud bc despite feeling absolutely awful i am sitting here wiping away my own tears and saying "tomorrow is another day." and i encourage you to do the same.

warning : brief mention of CUTTING/ABUSE (it's not in depth it's literally just one sentence each and the abuse one is interpretive. just wanted u to know tho stay safe)


josh sniffles slightly as he climbs into his black jeep wrangler. he grabs the rear view mirror, turning it toward his face. he rolls his bloodshot eyes at the obvious puffiness. he hates himself for crying over tyler- again. he almost laughs; typical josh crying over typical tyler doing his typical asshole performance.

he almost laughs because he likes him so much.

he shakes his head, gasping in a breath. his hands shake as he shoves the key into the ignition. he turns them, and he pulls away from the now closing restaurant he was supposed to meet his 'boyfriend' at. his eyes flicker toward the passenger seat, where tyler's sweatshirt lays. he figured it was better if his parents assumed he'd returned it than have it laying around, reminding them all of a lie. despite his better judgement, he pulls it over his head at a stop light. only to be close to tyler for what is perhaps the last time.

he's crying again when the light turns green, and he can't see anything until the figure is in front of his car and he feels the terrifying thump of the body.

"oh god, oh god," he hyperventilates, stopping the car immediately and hopping out in a rush.

"get the fuck away!" the body screams out when they notice josh approaching, and attempt to crawl military style away.

"no, no, please i'm so sorry let me help you!" josh pleads, following.

the person stops, apparently done fighting. they appear injured, cradling their left arm to their chest. they huff and turn halfway onto their side.


furrowing his eyebrows, he tentatively asks, "do i know you?"

the person chuckles lowly, but the humor has been retracted.

"come closer, you idiot."

josh steps forward, carefully. he mentally scans a list of all the self defense moves he knows off. there are none. he's screwed. he accepts his fate.

"okay i'm here," he bounces from foot to foot anxiously.

he notes there isn't any blood leaving trails from their crawling. he at least isn't in any immediate danger of manslaughter. the person on the ground turns fully onto their back, earning a gasp out of josh.

"holy fuck, tyler?" he scrambles to pick him up, setting him inside his passenger seat.

"the one and only," tyler coughs, holding his side.

"god what did i hit, what hurts?" josh asks, buckling the seatbelt.

"nothing that wasn't already hit before," tyler half heartedly attempts to dismiss josh with a wave of his hand. it's obvious he's quite out of it.

josh jogs to the driver's side of his car and begins to steer them off the side of the road. he checks his phone's gps, and directs them towards his house.

"tyler why were you out here, and not with me at the restaurant? where's your phone?" josh grips the steering wheel, his earlier sadness turning into anger.

tyler seems to think for a minute, before he lifts his hips awkwardly upwards and pulls his phone out of his back pocket, wincing as he does so. josh glances at it long enough to see the screen is completely busted.

"was that from-"

"my dad," tyler cuts him off, his voice low.

"tyler what happened?" josh asks hesitantly.

"take me to your house, okay? don't take me back, please just bandage me up and yell at me for standing you up tonight and then i'll find somewhere else to go; just don't take me home tonight," tyler begins to cry and josh's heart twinges.

"i will baby, don't worry," he snakes his hand across tyler's lap and intertwines their fingers gently.


josh takes his time carrying tyler's tattered and bruised body up the stairs of his house. for one, all the lights are out in his home, meaning his family has already gone to bed. secondly, every movement that is too fast, or too harsh, seems to cause tyler extreme amounts of pain. josh feels worse and worse every whimper that leaks out of tyler's mouth.

"it's okay, i got you," he whispers consolingly as tyler lets out a small sob.

he doesn't take tyler up to his bedroom, instead he carefully takes him downstairs. the dun's basement is more of a suite, complete with a master bedroom, an extra bathroom, a laundry room, a small(ish) kitchen, and a living room - with the bonus of a four car garage. it's josh's escape most days, as he spends more time down here than upstairs in his real room.

josh lays tyler down gingerly on the bed in the bedroom. tyler whimpers, attempting to curl in on himself but feeling too much pain to do so.

"shh, it's okay, i'll make this better," josh fights the tears welling up.

he sprints upstairs, grabbing the first aid kit from the bathroom and the pain killers from the kitchen cabinet. he fills a glass with water and rushes downstairs back to his beloved tyler.

josh sits him back up before he places two pills on tyler's tongue, lifting the glass and helping him swallow. he carefully pulls tyler's shirt off, deciding now is not the time to ogle at his exposed body. tyler's entire waist is bruised, and he's got a small area across his chest that looks as though it's been cut by something. his left arm is covered in -

"tyler, no," josh whispers, running his fingers across the fading scars hollowed into tyler's skin.

tyler can only cry more. josh tucks his head into the nook between his neck and shoulder, and cradles his body against him. he presses soft kisses into his hair, fighting the tears threatening to fall.

                    split this into two parts bc it was getting long.

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