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vinyldun tagged me in this and originally i wasn't gonna do it bc im me but then she was like 'i know ur not gonna do it u lil shit' and it sounded like a challenge so fuck you i am.

the rules (i can't fucking copy and paste this shit) :
1. you must post the rules oh my god
2. you must tag 13 people isnt that the devils number
3. you must answer all 13 questions about to call this the devils tag
4. dont skip the tag whatever
5. tagbacks are allowed fuck that
6. you must think of a creative title for your tag OHHHH MYYYY GOOODD
7. post this in a chapter not a comment section wouldn't think of it -_-

questions, courtesy of aria :
1. favorite piece of merch: just a regular old twenty øne pilots tshirt that says the band name lol i dont rly buy merch yikes
2. favorite ship: ok but this is actually 2 bc ones overrated and ones underappreciated so it's phan & jalex
3. kill marry fuck (tyler joseph, josh dun, brendon urie) : im in tears over this question how can i possibly??? uM ,,,
marry: josh dun bc (((:
fuck: brendon bc his body is so yum i just
kill: myself bc i dont wanna kill tyler im distraught by this ok why him
4. last thing i bought: a sandwich at jimmy johns
5. last text i sent: 'where do her organs go'
6. favorite song today: sorry by beyoncé. i ain't sorry.
7. top 3 authors: like wattpad or irl bc wattpad: listentomeimcool , english-rain , and vinyldun bc im trash
irl: j.k. rowling, john green, and that guy who wrote catcher in the rye (j.d. salinger i think but i don't remember and im too lazy to google)
8. celebrity crushes: I HAVE SO MANY OMG oK ansel elgort, nat wolfe, ruby rose(im straight), josh dun, tyjo, drake & louis tomlinson... do with that what you will
9. wattpad crushes: mmff fuck i wanna say aria but i feel like im just FUELING her ego and i don't wanna do that so
httpseokjin i love u there u go you're my wattpad crush and that's not even sarcasm youre my everything
10. favorite feature about myself: this took me 10 minutes of standing in the mirror and asking my friend bc i honestly hate everything about myself but im going with my hands/wrists (does that make it two features bc i don't care) bc they're just nice and slender and they look a little fragile in a good, elegant, 'i have a lot of secret talents with these fingers' (nOn sexually!!!) kind of way.
11. dream concert: literally dreams bc it would never ever ever be possible and im sad about it now but twenty one pilots opening for nirvana it would be such a ??? thing but it would make me so happy those bands literally saved me ok
12. biggest kink, im gonna say it and we aren't ever gonna talk about it or question it: daddy.
13. biggest cringe moment: my daily existence fuck u aria you know im awkward ,, idk if this is the biggest i can't think very well but it's definitely at the top of my list ... one time my mom caught me doing the grind on me dance and fu c k i want to die

- ok now apparently i have to make up questions and tag people this is so much work im screaming -

stateofwriting (i miss you) , httpseokjin , pinkiero ,mindless-spineless , ineptdun , friendville , dismalforest , frozenburritos , belenbchavez , TearInMyPhan (i miss you also), dead0narrival , golden-days (i miss you the most holy) , tumblrvirgent (it's been so long i m,,,)  YOU'VE BEEN CHOSEN FOR THIS TAG. I AM BOTH SORRY AND UNAPOLOGETIC. IM A LIVING CONTRADICTION.

your questions are:
1. what made you join wattpad?
2. did you miss me in my absence (im a narcissist)
3. what is the most awkward thing youve ever said/done?
4. do you have a best friend? (talk about them for at least 6 sentences that's cute)
5. did you tell your family you love them today?
6. what time is it at this moment bc it's 12am here and i really have to pee. was that too much information? <- don't answer the second one.
7. what PISSES you off?
8. would you let donald trump be president?
9. what is the farthest from your home that you've ever traveled?
10. do you miss someone right now: who?

im sorry.

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