S T U P I D ; joshler by -dxntdxdrxgs
Tyler isn't too keen on the way his heart seems to flutter around the new kid. Josh isn't too keen on people calling Tyler stupid. cover by @ninjasexparker completed co...
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Cancer (Joshler) by petewentzisdead
Cancer (Joshler)by 🌷 Memily 🌷
Josh Dun was used to popular kids getting special treatment. He knew the basketball players were always gonna be the sweethearts of the school. So when Tyler Joseph made...
  • gay
  • frerard
  • cancer
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Mr. Dun //joshler [✔] by skellybonesremain
Mr. Dun //joshler [✔]by skellybonesremain
tyler is infatuated with the new substitute teacher and mr. weekes is jealous. •fem!tyler •smut •lowercase intended
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i hired a hitman on myself // joshler [✓] by smilingtyler
i hired a hitman on myself // frisk
this is why you should never trust the roommate you got off of craigslist. 3/09/17 {#816 in fanfiction} 3/18/17 {#206 in fanfiction} 3/25/17 {#185 in fanfiction} 3/29/17...
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band camp ⚣ ⌜joshler⌟ by sourjoshler
band camp ⚣ ⌜joshler⌟by ѕιηηєя
from june to august, a camp was held for teens ages 14 to 17. it was a camp created for aspiring musicians. it was divided into two, vocals and instruments. first fanfic...
  • lanadelrey
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Colors // Joshler by -xFallOutGirlx-
Colors // Joshlerby ★ twenty one pilots ★
There were a few colors that Tyler got the occasional feel of--yellow, blue, orange, and lavender. Any other color was rare. In fact, most days, Tyler felt somewhat gray...
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Snapchat //joshler [✔] by skellybonesremain
Snapchat //joshler [✔]by skellybonesremain
Josh 🔮: you seem shy 😶 Tyler 🌸: uninterested might be the word you're looking for Josh 🔮: ouch 😩
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Attitude (joshler) by Blurry__heathen
Attitude (joshler)by Blurry__heathen
"Watch that attitude baby." "Make me."
  • smutwarning
  • wattys2018
  • joshdun
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neighbor by dynamichell
neighborby ♡
the walls are thin, it sounds like you're crying
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  • joshdun
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Precious Rose ✔ [Joshler + Frerard] by utterflop
Precious Rose ✔ [Joshler + Frerard]by Clancy
Little Josh is always getting picked on by Tyler and his friends. He doesn't mind that tho, at least his crush is paying attention to him. Any kind of attention will do...
  • femjosh
  • frankiero
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PLATONIC🌺⌠J.T⌡ by dandeliondun
PLATONIC🌺⌠J.T⌡by 〉liz〈
Their relationship was anything but 🌺 Fem!Tyler & Jock!Josh High-School AU 🌺 ©dandeliondun [highest rank: #903 fanfiction june 20, 2017]
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Premier Danseur ✔ [Joshler] by utterflop
Premier Danseur ✔ [Joshler]by Clancy
Josh was given an opportunity to make a life-changing deal. A deal with a devil...
  • deanwinchester
  • tylerjoseph
  • castiel
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Group Chat✖️Multiship [✓] by wonderlandjoseph
Group Chat✖️Multiship [✓]by a u d r e y !!
10:57pm Bread: hello young gays ⚠️THERE ARE TW⚠️ READ THIS BEFORE READING THE BOOK: Melanie Martinez is in a majority of these chapters, this was before the accusations...
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~BABY BLUE~ (Joshler) by 21nutellaaStars
~BABY BLUE~ (Joshler)by ✮~ KATIA ~✮
♡A-A-A-A-A-And they call you Baby Blue, 'cause it's your favorite colour♡ After being expelled, Tyler is sent to a boarding school for troubled youths where a certain te...
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Child • Jøshler by FoodInTheAM
Child • Jøshlerby Ms Misty-Eyed
"They're vampire hunters. They call vampires children. Nobody knows what exactly they do to vampires, but they hunt them down and lock them up in their institutions...
  • vampire
  • gay
  • falloutboy
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VESSEL [JOSHLER] *completed* by planetoverboard
VESSEL [JOSHLER] *completed*by Volkus
When Tyler's parents send him off to what they believe is a reform camp, he's partnered up with a boy named Josh. The two struggle to escape the institution as they're p...
  • joshdun
  • twentyonepilots
  • tylerjoseph
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Codeine (Joshler) by violetjosh
Codeine (Joshler)by max
Tyler didn't know what hypersexual meant until he met Josh.
  • halsey
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  • twentyonepilots
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skinny boy » joshler by miqraine
skinny boy » joshlerby acey
josh isn't the skinniest boy you've ever met. but he will be. (tw for eating disorders & selfharm/suicide(?)/transphobia)
  • 21p
  • joshdun
  • transgender
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tattoos [joshler] by suicidetyler
tattoos [joshler]by ✨used&abused✨
"all i wanted was a fucking tattoo!" · so this is my attempt to make you cry and rip your heart out. · ((trigger warnings: rape, smut, drug use and many many o...
  • gay
  • cocaine
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Taken By Sleep {Joshler} |Completed| by Charlie_c
Taken By Sleep {Joshler} | Charlio
(Cover made by the amazing @alltimetrashcan) Tyler: your typical shy new kid Josh: the unpopular nice guy When the two meet, they become best friends. All is happy and w...
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