Precious Rose ✔ [Joshler/Frerard] by utterflop
Precious Rose ✔ [Joshler/Frerard]by Keons
Little Josh is always getting picked on by Tyler and his friends. He doesn't mind that tho, at least his crush is paying attention to him. Any kind of attention will do...
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  • tysh
  • twentyonepilots
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smile.  || joshler ||  by finndunphin
smile. || joshler || by hiatus
"You don't talk much, do you?" • • • • • • •...
  • joshdun
  • boyxboy
  • tylerjoseph
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SWEET OBEDIENCE » joshler by moaningpilots
SWEET OBEDIENCE » joshlerby Jared
In which josh is looking for a sub and Tyler is absolutely perfect.
  • agnst
  • joshler
  • brendonurie
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hooked ↣ joshler by nicosniners
hooked ↣ joshlerby c
Josh Dun lives in a foster home with his little brother, Patrick. His foster parents aren't the best people, only taking them in for extra money to spend on cigarettes a...
  • dun
  • joseph
  • foster
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WHO IS TYLER JOSEPH? [✓] by snithereens
WHO IS TYLER JOSEPH? [✓]by stream trench
JOSHLER - "I heard he's a felon." - Josh likes to consider himself a well behaved student. Tyler Joseph is the last person he would have expected to start a f...
  • nicoandtheniners
  • jumpsuit
  • fanfiction
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Rainbow Boy (Joshler) by Blurry__heathen
Rainbow Boy (Joshler)by Blurry__heathen
Hes so pure and sweet. He loves rainbows and treats. He wears cute clothing and loves little things. His name is Tyler, but he's only seventeen.... Warnings: Smut, teach...
  • joshdun
  • teacherxstudent
  • smutwarning
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Keeper and Protector \\ Joshler by talktoemspooky
Keeper and Protector \\ Joshlerby talktoemspooky
"My name is Tyler Joseph, Keeper #12011988. My Protector abused me for months, but I was finally able to escape. My Time Keeper is dangerously low now and I'm afrai...
  • tyler
  • joshdun
  • twentyonepilots
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REBEL CLOTHES «✓» by neonpython
REBEL CLOTHES «✓»by monty
There's a world where no one is unhappy. Life is good, life is silence. Life is inside the walls of Dema. At least, that's what the Bishops say. That's what Tyler belie...
  • joshler
  • jumpsuit
  • tysh
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emotions//joshler by killallurfriends
emotions//joshlerby jay
Josh can read emotions, not that it's ever helped him. Suffocating in a town that is outrageously boring, Josh just wants something- anything- to happen. But when a new...
  • frerard
  • emotions
  • petekey
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Colors // Joshler by -xFallOutGirlx-
Colors // Joshlerby ♡ fall ♡
There were a few colors that Tyler got the occasional feel of--yellow, blue, orange, and lavender. Any other color was rare. In fact, most days, Tyler felt somewhat gray...
  • artisttyler
  • twentyonepilots
  • skeletonclique
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Tyler's Angel-Book One-A Joshler Fanfic by LevisBored
Tyler's Angel-Book One-A Joshler Trysten Levi
Book one: Tyler is a boy struggling to live,battling against his own self destructive mind. The only person that has always stayed with him is the voice of a demon that...
  • joshdun
  • tylerjoseph
  • jishwa
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coffee // joshler  by curiosity-
coffee // joshler by ♡ margo ♡
"ill take a cup of coffee, please." "any sugar?" "you're sweet enough for me, darlin'." tyler owns a bakery. josh loves his famous honey bi...
  • cgl
  • sub
  • joshlersmut
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Limerence  {Joshler} by TrueAutophile
Limerence {Joshler}by ||-//
Limerence; (n) 'a state of being infatuated with another person' {Joshler} {will contain smut}
  • fluff
  • cute
  • joshler
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sometimes you gotta bleed to know »joshler«  by AcarAtorchAjoshler
sometimes you gotta bleed to Me Me Big Boy
In which the bully falls for the bullied.
  • tylerjoseph
  • joshler
  • twentyonepilots
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The Broken Hearts Club ✔ [Joshler] by utterflop
The Broken Hearts Club ✔ [Joshler]by Keons
In which Josh is a leader of a youth club and Tyler is a bratty teen who stumbles into the youth club completely by accident.
  • gay
  • skeletonclique
  • twentyonepilots
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True Colors (joshler, multi-fandom) by SPACE-CVDET
True Colors (joshler, multi-fandom)by rubyeet
Tyler and Josh have been best friends since elementary school. Entering their junior year of high school, they remain inseparable, but have made lots of friends since th...
  • joshxtyler
  • panicatthedisco
  • tysh
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Attitude (joshler) by Blurry__heathen
Attitude (joshler)by Blurry__heathen
"Watch that attitude baby." "Make me."
  • twentyonepilots
  • smutwarning
  • fuckboy
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my boy ⌠j.t⌡ by colorfuljosh
my boy ⌠j.t⌡by inactive
josh brings out a soft side in tyler that no one ever sees. tyler never handles his soft side too well. ©️colorfuljosh 2018 started: 10/21/18 completed: 10/26/18 10/25...
  • tylerjoseph
  • tysh
  • boyxboy
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Trans. • Tysh/Joshler by polarizedjoshdun
Trans. • Tysh/Joshlerby uwu
"Tyler, I think im trans." ---- Julie thinks shes transgender; and is also very attracted to her best friend, Tyler. FINISHED
  • tysh
  • dun
  • boyxboy
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bite me // joshler ✔️ by prettyboybluejoseph
bite me // joshler ✔️by ℘ʂყƈɧøɬıƈ
a singer goes missing for 4 months till his body winds up in a ditch 25 miles away from home everybody thought he was dead but boy could they be any more wrong lowerca...
  • tylerjoseph
  • twentyonepilots
  • vampire
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