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24 hours in.

joshuadun: wake up 1h ago

joshuadun: cmon 45m ago

joshuadun: i have no idea what time it is where you live but here it is well past a reasonable wake up time 16m ago

joshuadun: GOD TYLER IM BORED 3m ago

tylerrjoseph: i was showering

joshuadun: liar

joshuadun: you were asleep

tylerrjoseph: how do you know

joshuadun: i just do

joshuadun: psychic

tylerrjoseph: well your psychic powers are wrong because i am literally wet from being in a shower

joshuadun: sounds hot

joshuadun: pics or it didn't happen

tylerrjoseph: im not sending you a picture of my wet body

joshuadun: boo

joshuadun: you're no fun

tylerrjoseph: im

tylerrjoseph: do you often ask strangers for revealing pictures after you've known them 1 night

joshuadun: no

joshuadun: only the ones i find attractive

tylerrjoseph: i

tylerrjoseph: attractive?

joshuadun: yes

tylerrjoseph: me?

joshuadun: also yes

tylerrjoseph: you find me attractive?

joshuadun: still yes

tylerrjoseph: woah.

joshuadun: does that surprise you?

tylerrjoseph: kinda

joshuadun: why

tylerrjoseph: because im pretty sure the only person who's ever called me attractive is my mom

joshuadun: well add josh dun to the list

tylerrjoseph: sir yes sir

joshuadun: djdisidjs i have to go

tylerrjoseph: trying to run from your feelings

joshuadun: ACTUALLY i gotta help my mom with the groceries

tylerrjoseph: oh

joshuadun: you don't want me to go?

tylerrjoseph: no

joshuadun: i'll be back

tylerrjoseph: hurry?

joshuadun: clingy attractive stalker

joshuadun: how did i get so lucky

tylerrjoseph: shut up i don't care if you come back or not

joshuadun: oh really?

tylerrjoseph: really.

joshuadun: okay then

joshuadun: gtg 8m ago



joshuadun: knew it.

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