twenty eight

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sixty four days in


tyler's voice is small. he sounds scared. josh admits it makes him upset. he doesn't like hearing that tyler seems scared of him. there are much scarier things than josh.


josh notes his tone. he notes tyler flinching. he should've said that differently. it sounded like he was snapping at him. josh sighs.

"wh-what are you doing?" tyler asks, and josh turns around to see him wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

he had been asleep on josh's bed, and josh had managed to stir him awake while he was busy trying to pop his suitcase open.

"i'm packing, ty," he says gentler, folding one of his favorite tshirts.


"we're both leaving."

"josh where are going to go?"

"there are apartments in this world, tyler."

"why are you bitching at me all the time lately?" tyler snaps.

"why are you being such a little bitch all the time lately?" josh retorts, regretting it as soon as it's been said.

tyler's mouth drops open, and josh watches the tears well in his eyes.


"fuck you," tyler says, snatching up his phone and several more of his belongings in his hands and shoving them in a random backpack.

it's josh's backpack, but he doesn't say anything about it.

"you never gave me the chance to do that, love."

josh is just being mean now. he knows it. he just didn't ask for this. he didn't ask for tyler to run off and tell his dad he's in love with josh, and he didn't ask for tyler's dad to beat the hell out of him. he didn't ask for tyler in the first place.

it takes josh a minute to realize tyler is gone.

if he didn't ask for tyler before, he certainly does now.

tyler doesn't come storming back in.

josh hears his front door slam.

josh leans against the wall, suddenly feeling faint.

he slides down it.

where will tyler go?

back to his dad?

what if he gets hit again?

what if his dad doesn't stop this time?

what if he dies?

josh brings his knees to his chest.

he feels smaller than he ever has before.

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