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later on in the day of 12 days in

joshuadun: wake up sleepy head

tylerrjoseph: no

joshuadun: tylerr

tylerrjoseph: it only has one r

joshuadun: im whining

joshuadun: i am whining your name

tylerrjoseph: mm i bet you are (;

joshuadun: oKaY buddy, maybe you should keep that part of your body asleep

tylerrjoseph: i am asleep

tylerrjoseph: this is my voicemail texting

joshuadun: very elaborate voicemail messaging system

tylerrjoseph: smart phones what can i say

joshuadun: you can say 'good morning josh i'm awake now'

tylerrjoseph: lying is bad


tylerrjoseph: whyd you only call me when you're bored

joshuadun: im texting not calling

tylerrjoseph: you should call some time

tylerrjoseph: i'll give you my number

joshuadun: right now?

tylerrjoseph: no, josh

tylerrjoseph: right now i am sleeping remember?

joshuadun: if i called you would you wake up

tylerrjoseph: actually if you called me id have your area code

joshuadun: dammit

joshuadun: guess i'm not gonna call you.

tylerrjoseph: NO

tylerrjoseph: PLEASE

joshuadun: gotta step up your guessing game for that baby boy

tylerrjoseph: what did i say about the nickname

joshuadun: what did i say about the nickname

tylerrjoseph: so im stuck with it?

joshuadun: pretty much

joshuadun: it's cute

joshuadun: suits you

tylerrjoseph: what do i call you then

joshuadun: josh

joshuadun: duh

tylerrjoseph: something about this seems unfair.

joshuadun: mm, don't think so

tylerrjoseph: i get to be your baby boy and you get to be my josh?

joshuadun: you know i actually like the sound of that

tylerrjoseph: sound of what

joshuadun: being yours.

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