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if you're wondering about the random time stamps like 12 days in or whatever it's because last time i wrote online everyone was like "isn't a little soon for ___ to be happening??" and it really wasn't in my mind it was just because i never included information about how time progressed so this my way of doing it!

16 days in

joshuadun: ty?

tylerrjoseph: oh hey josh

joshuadun: it's been 4 days...

tylerrjoseph: oh yeah

tylerrjoseph: i guess it has

joshuadun: i messaged you

joshuadun: quite a few times

tylerrjoseph: i see that

joshuadun: look if you're ignoring me because of the stupid 'i like the sound of being yours' thing, and me being drunk im sorry.

joshuadun: honestly i didn't realize it would freak you out so much

tylerrjoseph: josh it's not that

joshuadun: really? because you're acting like it's exactly that.

tylerrjoseph: josh honest to god that's not it

joshuadun: then why are you ignoring me

tylerrjoseph: josh

tylerrjoseph: im afraid you'll hate me if i tell you

tylerrjoseph: i can't talk about it

tylerrjoseph: im not trying to. honestly just have a lot going on. im sorry, okay?

joshuadun: tyler if you're done with me you can say it. im a big boy i can take it

tylerrjoseph: im not!

tylerrjoseph: truly josh this has nothing to do with you i promise

joshuadun: okay...

tylerrjoseph: cheer up

tylerrjoseph: update me on your past 3 days, besides your migraine that i hope went away

joshuadun: it did

joshuadun: there's not much to say

joshuadun: brendon poured an entire bottle of champagne over his head

joshuadun: i got a 96 on my essay because i included "my head hurts a lot and id rather die, so sorry if i don't care about why the dinosaurs are extinct. unless you count the one in the 'principals' office amirite" at the end of it.

joshuadun: dallon snapped all my pencils just so he could ask our hot french teacher for one

tylerrjoseph: omg whatd she do

joshuadun: he* just smirked and handed him his 'lucky' pencil and told him to return it after class

tylerrjoseph: oh so dallon's gay?

joshuadun: dallon and the rest of us

joshuadun: actually i think ryans either pansexual or asexual its hard to tell with that guy

tylerrjoseph: relgaytionship

joshuadun: never pun again

tylerrjoseph: yes sir. i just mean

tylerrjoseph: no easy way to ask

joshuadun: im gay

tylerrjoseph: oh

tylerrjoseph: okay

tylerrjoseph: not judging

tylerrjoseph: that's great

joshuadun: thanks?

tylerrjoseph: fuCk im being so awkward??

tylerrjoseph: not trying to be i'll stop

joshuadun: ur so cute

tylerrjoseph: ur so lazy

joshuadun: you know me so well

tylerrjoseph: id love to talk more but im getting frostbite


tylerrjoseph: AH PRESSURE

tylerrjoseph: MY FINGERS ARE SO COLD

tylerrjoseph: MONTANA

joshuadun: do people actually live there

tylerrjoseph: idk do you

joshuadun: nope

tylerrjoseph: dammit ok my thumbs are about to fall off

joshuadun: if you were here id warm up those hands real quick (;

tylerrjoseph: shut the hell up

joshuadun: yes sir

joshuadun: go inside get warm

joshuadun: ur not allowed to get frostbite sir

tylerrjoseph: thank ya for the consideration

tylerrjoseph: heart you bye

josh sits back in his chair, confused. heart you bye?

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