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thirty eight days in

it's been a week and josh dun has not spoken to tyler joseph.

he stalks him every night. tyler doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot of anything, which is a good sign... or maybe not. josh frowns - he's not sure anymore.

his friends have become more and more worried. even ryan comes over every morning to ask him how he's doing. josh just shakes his head, telling him he wants to be alone. he almost never is despite this though. his friends have made it their sole purpose to just live in his room, no matter how many times josh tells them to leave. he's grateful anyway. his mom, however, is probably greatly suspicious and annoyed. she's nice enough to not mention anything if she is though.

@ tylerrjoseph just posted a photo

frowning, josh checks his feed. as it loads, a picture pops up. it's tyler, with his arms wrapped around some boy. his lips are pressed to the boy's neck, eyes shut, a beer bottle clutched in his hand. the boy is smiling cockily at the camera, one arm slung loosely around tyler's hip. it's like the boy is sneering, right at josh. like 'look what you tossed aside. look what you ruined.' the picture is captioned 'date night'.

josh throws his phone, clapping a hand over his mouth. he attracts the attention of the three boys muttering things in the corner of his room, but he ignores their stares. he begins to sob, covering his face as he ducks out of the room. fuck you tyler joseph.


"what is it?" dallon snaps impatiently as ryan struggles to unlock josh's phone.

ryan stares at whatever is on the screen before turning it to show brendon and dallon. brendon sucks in an anxious breath at the picture, knowing why josh reacted the way he did. dallon's eyes glint murderously.

"give me the phone," he orders, voice low.

"dallon calm down," ryan tells him.

"shut the fuck up ryan. you haven't even been here, what gives you the right to do anything?" dallon spits.

"you know damn well why i wasn't here. i'm here now, so let it go, jackass," ryan growls.

"give me the phone!" dallon yells.

"calm down first," ryan warns.

"i- i'm calm," dallon takes a deep breath.

ryan looks over at brendon like 'is he really?'

brendon looks at ryan with a shrug like 'dude i have no clue'.

ryan looks between the two of them like 'should i give it to him?'

dallon looks at them both like 'what the fuck are you staring at me for give me the phone'

ryan sighs, tossing the phone to dallon. dallon thanks him curtly, opening up the messages app. he clicks tyler's name. his fingers move at the speed of light, typing various sentences several times and backspacing them before finally toning it down enough to hit send.

joshuadun: you motherfucking asshole. this is dallon, remember me? how DARE you do that to josh

tylerrjoseph: it's not what it seems like

tylerrjoseph: why are you even texting me, josh hasn't cared enough to text why does it matter anymore

joshuadun: oh FUCK YOU. he's fucking sobbing you complete asshole i can't believe you can do this to him with a clear conscience

tylerrjoseph: he's

tylerrjoseph: he's sobbing?

joshuadun: yeah, no thanks to you.

tylerrjoseph: please let me talk to him.

joshuadun: why? so you can fuck him over again?

tylerrjoseph: it's not like that

tylerrjoseph: let me talk to him. please

dallon clenches his teeth, storming out of the room without asking brendon or ryan. they follow suit immediately. he knocks once on the bathroom door, before opening it anyway. josh's eyes are red and blotchy and he's been sobbing into a towel the whole time, but dallon says nothing. simply clicks the skype app, hits call, and hands the phone to josh.

josh frowns, watching as it connects to 'tylerrjoseph'. he holds it though. he fights back the instinct to hit end call.

"josh, hi," tyler sounds breathless.

"hi," josh sniffs.

"i, um... i had a date tonight," tyler says.

"i know."

"im actually on it right now... im hiding in a shady bathroom."

"sounds great," josh sniffles, wondering how the hell his life came to this.

"i uh... i'm sorry."

"please guess where i live tyler," josh pleads, closing his eyes and leaning his head on the bathroom wall.

"josh i told you i'm not playing-"


"um... oregon?"

"east coast."




"that's not close.

"fuck josh i don't know!" tyler's yelling at him. "fucking what? ohio?!"

josh bites back a sob, and hangs up the phone, sure tyler got his answer. he slinks back to his room, covering his face with blankets as his three best friends try to hug the pain away.

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