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i am fucking back, im sorry if i scared anyone by dropping off the face of the earth. all is well. love you. missed you. excited for this again.

two minutes in.

tylerrjoseph: i can't even believe you responded to me

joshuadun: it was a pity response

tylerrjoseph: haha!

tylerrjoseph: that was a pity laugh

joshuadun: touché joseph

joshuadun: did you want to explain why you stalked me

tylerrjoseph: you just showed up in the 'based on people you follow' section on my explore page.

joshuadun: charming

tylerrjoseph: incredibly

joshuadun: you're a true romantic tyler joseph

tylerrjoseph: are you hitting on me josh dun

joshuadun: im sleep deprived actually, so im not sure what im doing

tylerrjoseph: what time is it in your zone

joshuadun: weirdest way to phrase that question ever

joshuadun: it's really early in the morning and late at night though );

tylerrjoseph: josh i meant like use numbers to describe the time


tylerrjoseph: how

joshuadun: you wanna guess which state i live in :D???

tylerrjoseph: sure

joshuadun: you get five guesses

tylerrjoseph: starting when?

joshuadun: NOW

tylerrjoseph: new york

joshuadun: goals, but no

tylerrjoseph: either virginia

joshuadun: neither virginia

tylerrjoseph: one carolina?

joshuadun: absolutely not

tylerrjoseph: this is actually impossible what the heck

tylerrjoseph: delaware

joshuadun: miss!

tylerrjoseph: we aren't playing baTtlEshiP

joshuadun: im aware

joshuadun: not delaware 

joshuadun: just aware

tylerrjoseph: kentucky

joshuadun: kenfuckno

tylerrjoseph: illinois

joshuadun: this is getting illinnoying

joshuadun: hey wait i gave you 6 guesses

tylerjoseph: just tell me!

joshuadun: there's no fun in that. you get 1 guess everyday until you figure out which state i live in

tylerrjoseph: you didn't even give me a time zone

joshuadun: or a coast, but i believe in ya (-:

tylerrjoseph: honestly, rude and disrespectful

joshuadun: hey joey graceffa been a while

tylerrjoseph: nO

joshuadun: you don't like him?

tylerrjoseph: ....

tylerrjoseph: no comment

joshuadun: cmon a pro internet stalker like you??

joshuadun: you've gotta like some youtubers

tylerrjoseph: i do

joshuadun: such as?

tylerrjoseph: dan and phil individually as well as together

joshuadun: go on

tylerrjoseph: joe sugg

joshuadun: i like his hair

tylerrjoseph: ffs i don't know ??

tylerrjoseph: rhett and link 

joshuadun: these are all men

tylerrjoseph: -_-

tylerrjoseph: emma blackery

joshuadun: oh now you're just saying that

tylerrjoseph: am not

joshuadun: are too

tylerrjoseph: might as well go to sleep im so
tired of u

joshuadun: harsh af

tylerrjoseph: jk but i am actually tired and need to sleep

joshuadun: sooooo go to bed, i'll still be here when you wake up

tylerrjoseph: oh good bc i was just sooo worried you wouldn't be!!

joshuadun: your sarcasm is unnecessary and uncalled for

tylerrjoseph: you starting a conversation with me was unnecessary and uncalled for

joshuadun: im always looking for new friends

tylerrjoseph: hm

tylerrjoseph: goodnight joshua dun

joshuadun: sweet dreams stalker!

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