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i just want to address my aesthetic sacrifices of wanting dallons fairly lights to be a darkish pink all last chapter but making them blue to stick to his character
eventually, brendon and dallon calmed down.

they had resigned to dallon's bed, where they sat murmuring to each other. josh remained in front of the laptop propped up on dallon's desk. tyler was about to fall asleep but held strong to fighting it, just for josh.


seventeen days in

"i-," tyler pauses to yawn for the millionth time.

"tyler you're tired, go to bed," josh shakes his head.

tyler is quiet for a minute, staring transfixed at his lap. "but i like talking to you," he mumbles finally.

josh's heart soars. a smile makes it way up his face.

"i like talking to you too, baby boy," he murmurs the last part quietly, to only let tyler hear.

he watches as tyler's cheeks get a little red, and a small smile rests upon his features. josh is struck, once again, how attractive this boy is. earlier he had to fight to take his eyes off him, and two hours later he truly was not able to look away. tyler's brown eyes finally trail themselves up the screen, meeting josh's.

"so don't make me go to bed," tyler yawns despite himself.

"i want you to take care of yourself," josh frowns.

"i'm fine," tyler insists.

"i'll be here tomorrow," josh rolls his eyes, grinning slightly.

"but will we get to talk like this again tomorrow?" tyler asks like he's afraid.

josh falters. he truly doesn't know the answer to that. he'd say yes, but he knows he has to actually be with his friends tomorrow. they'll get tired of talking to tyler in a way he doesn't think he can handle. he frowns. he wants to talk to tyler like this all the time, but it's kind of hard to make such a special thing seem special if it happens all the time.

"i don't know, ty," he sighs.

"hm," tyler looks down again.

"hey," josh says. "look at me."

tyler's eyes snap back up to josh's, curiously.

"i don't know if we can really talk like this tomorrow because i'll be with dallon and brendon, but we will talk tomorrow. and the day after that, and the day after that. maybe not face to face- er, screen to screen- but we will. and every day you're one guess closer to my state baby boy. don't stress about it."

tyler nods slowly at first, before a wide grin breaks out across his face. it makes his dimples seem even deeper - even cuter - than before, and it sends arrows right through josh's heart.

"you're right, j. i'm being silly. sorry, i just... i get worried," he shrugs.

"don't be sorry. be asleep," josh laughs.

"okay," tyler smiles shyly. "goodnight josh."

"goodnight, tyler," josh whispers.

"heart you."

"heart you more."

one last smile.

call ended.

josh closes the laptop, and sits back in his chair. he's suddenly aware of the silence in the room. he turns around, finding brendon and dallon fast asleep.

dallon is laying on his back while brendon sleeps, tucking into his left side. they're sort of curled around each other as dallon's legs are intertwined with brendon's, and brendon's arm is slung across dallon's chest. josh chuckles, shaking his head and retreating to the other side of the bed.

settling on his right side, he pulls the covers up to block out the dim blue lights in dallon's room. he closes his eyes but he can still see the shiny brown eyes of a boy who lives god knows where.

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