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thirty one days in

joshuadun: tyler you have not texted me all day

joshuadun: i miss you

joshuadun: WHere are yOUUUU,, ANND IM SO SORRRY

tylerrjoseph: hey

tylerrjoseph: sorry

joshuadun:  you don't have to be

tylerrjoseph: ok

tylerrjoseph: im not sorry

joshuadun: guess where i live

tylerrjoseph: nebraska

joshuadun: what the hell is that a state

tylerrjoseph: duh josh

for some reason, josh begins getting impatient. he types furiously, telling tyler to guess again.

tylerrjoseph: kansas and/or arkansas

joshuadun: neither kansas

tylerrjoseph: technically they're not both kansas

joshuadun: hush. guess again.

tylerrjoseph: vermont

joshuadun: pretty sure that's a city so try again

tylerrjoseph: it's a state but maine

joshuadun: (maine)ly you suck at guessing. keep fucking going

tylerrjoseph: josh ive guessed like 30/50 i don't even remember all the states

joshuadun: so pull out a fucking atlas and guess the last 20

tylerrjoseph: why are you being an asshole

joshuadun: why are you being a dumbass

tylerrjoseph: wow thanks

joshuadun: stop i didn't mean it like that

tylerrjoseph: pretty sure dumbass doesn't have two meanings.

joshuadun: okay im sorry

tylerrjoseph: are you though

joshuadun: tyler come on

joshuadun: i really just want you to guess correctly okay

tylerrjoseph: josh you've given me no hints, im basically pulling states from a hat here

joshuadun: i know

tylerrjoseph: you're not being fair

joshuadun: i know

tylerrjoseph: why can't you just tell me

tylerrjoseph: why play the game

joshuadun: i can't explain okay

tylerrjoseph: right.

joshuadun: tyler please just keep guessing

tylerrjoseph: what's the point

joshuadun: me?

joshuadun: im the point

tylerrjoseph: the personal satisfaction of knowing what state you live in doesn't really appeal to me josh

joshuadun: no i mean

joshuadun: once you guess i'll know where you live and then i can meet you

tylerrjoseph: i live in ohio. come meet me.

joshuadun: that's not the game

tylerrjoseph: then fuck you josh dun

joshuadun: tyler please guess

tylerrjoseph: no

joshuadun: tyler please for me

tylerrjoseph: i quit

joshuadun: tyler

tylerrjoseph: no seriously

tylerrjoseph: fuck you josh i give up

tylerrjoseph: are you going to tell me or not

joshuadun: not unless you guess

tylerrjoseph: guess we'll never know because josh dun is too fucking full of himself.

joshuadun: tyler please

joshuadun: you don't mean that

tylerrjoseph: guess you'll never know

joshuadun: tyler please talk to me

tylerrjoseph: i have to go

joshuadun: tyler please don't leave me

tylerrjoseph: there's nothing to leave

josh doesn't reply. he knows tyler's right. he knows the game is stupid. he can't explain what it means to him, but it means something. he had hoped tyler understood.

joshuadun: really thought i meant more to you than that lol

tylerrjoseph: haha guess you were wrong

tylerrjoseph: you really think i care about you,,, you're wrong

josh blinks. tyler's never been mean to him in the entire month josh has known him.

joshuadun: so you're done with me?

joshuadun: just like that?

tylerrjoseph: just like that.

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