thirty four

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four hundred and seventy seven days in

josh and tyler settled into their apartment quickly.

tyler appreciated the crisp white aesthetic of it, and josh... well josh just appreciated tyler in general. each night tyler would get emotional and thank josh for everything. each morning josh would wake him up with soft kisses peppered all over his face. and they'd do it all over again.

some days they'd relax calmly in their pajamas, and other days they'd get all dressed up for no reason and sit in the park. they did what they felt like doing. one day tyler brought home a drum set, which josh gladly played. the next, josh brought home a microphone and they would sing together. they were never very serious songs, meant to be kept upbeat while sad at the same time. it was just for fun, though.

tyler would use lyrics that he could of sworn he heard from josh, brendon and dallon. josh laughed at him like he was crazy, and tyler kissed him because maybe he was.

the first time they slept together, josh was afraid to touch him. tyler would insist he wasn't going to literally fall apart underneath him and josh smirked while murmuring "i hope you do." but they got through it, and they got through it again and again and again and -

you get the point.

so it was with utter happiness that josh invited their families to their humble abode.


josh invited his family: jordan, brendon, dallon, and ryan. he then invited tyler's family: pete and patrick.

you know, their real families.

and it came to no surprise to any of them when josh walked into the softly candle lit dining room in a tuxedo, brandishing two red roses.

"hey ty," he smiled.

"damn josh," tyler smirked, standing up in a matching black tux.

"can you come here a sec?" he asked, gesturing with a quick nod.

tyler complied, completely oblivious to the six people holding up their phones and recording him. his eyes were trained on his boyfriend, admiring his frame. he reached out on impulse to quickly mess up josh's purple dyed hair.

"hey!" josh laughed, fixing it immediately.

"sorry, you just look like cotton candy," tyler giggled.

josh put his hands on tyler's shoulders then, turning him to the side, giving their friends a better shot at their profiles. tyler didn't even notice. josh smiled again - this would be too easy.

he carefully began.

"tyler joseph you are the boy who stalked me more than a year ago. you are the panicked boy i decided to dm because - hey, you were cute back then," josh started, chuckling as tyler flipped him the bird. "you still are."

"damn right," tyler murmured, not having a clue why josh was speaking this way but deciding he liked it.

"you've changed me tyler joseph. i am nowhere near the boy i used to be. hell, i have dyed my hair what must be ten thousand times because you're still trying to find a color i don't look good in. so far, it hasn't happened yet. through dumb texts and stupid skype calls with my best friends -and prank heists set up by your best friends- you became the love of my life. and you're always going to be that. we are going to dance around this goddamn apartment until my hair is gray - and not because i dyed it! but because i love you. and, not to sound too full of myself, but i'm seventy percent sure you love me too."

"i used to tell everyone growing up is dumb. i used to say i wanna die before i'm old, but you know- because of you, i thought twice about that. learned i was a real pussy. i do want to grow old, tyler," josh's face mellows out into a serious expression.

"i want to grow old - with you."

he grips tylers hands tightly, gently lowering himself to the ground on one knee. tyler's hand flies up to cover his mouth as he gasps, and neither of them notice the six boys gathered around a fancy dinner table beginning to tear up proudly.

"will you grow old with me, tyler joseph?"

"goddammit of course i will," tyler starts to cry, shifting from foot to foot and fanning the tears out of his eyes. "stand up you idiot."

and josh does, and there are hugs, and congratulations and about 7,000 mentions of the time he dressed up as a pretty princess but josh wouldn't trade it for the world.

"wait!" he shouts suddenly and the room goes silent.

"get the cameras back out," he demands, and his friends quickly wipe away their tears to do as he says.

"you idiot, you didn't even let me give you the ring," josh chuckles, shaking his head as he gets back on his knee.

"my bad," tyler throws his head back in laughter, beaming through his tears at the boy below him.

"tyler joseph, technically i didn't ask properly the first time so here's the formal version to show our parents. we can just edit this in, right?" josh turns to his friends who roll their eyes and give him a thumbs up - except for brendon who shoots him the middle finger.

and dallon who creates a ring with his thumb and pointer and slides it over brendon's middle finger to begin making an obscene gesture.

"tyler joseph, will you marry me?"

"no," tyler shrugs, looking away nonchalantly. then he turns with a grin on his face. "i will love you until my dying days,  and ever after baby boy. you're mine forever. so technically, i guess that means i say yes."

josh grins, making sure he slides the silver ring onto tyler's ring finger before standing up and throwing his arms around him. he smiles at his friends and he kisses his boyfriend - fiancé - and even when everything settles down and everyone has decided to fall asleep in a pile of blankets on the living room floor he stays awake. he stares at the family he's made, and the stars outside the window and he's just
grateful for meeting the love of his life, and he silently thanks god for the fact that he was online.

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