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joshuadun: who invented school

tylerrjoseph: Credit for our modern version of the school system usually goes to Horace Mann. When he became Secretary of Education in Massachusetts in 1837, he set forth his vision for a system of professional teachers who would teach students an organized curriculum of basic content. (

joshuadun: i

joshuadun: wasn't the type of question that required a real answer

tylerrjoseph: learn something new everyday

joshuadun: i learned you're a nerd

joshuadun: do you have school rn

tylerrjoseph: online school

joshuadun: lucky

tylerrjoseph: kinda. it's boring bc my friends are all locked in a highschool while i sit at home and pretend the highschool is my bedroom

joshuadun: well don't worry my school's slack af with the phone policy so i'll be here all day (-:

tylerrjoseph: funny, that's what my friends say too

joshuadun: your friends cannot copy me

tylerrjoseph: technically you copied my friends they knew me first

joshuadun: or did they

tylerrjoseph: what

tylerrjoseph: josh ive known you 2 days of course they did

joshuadun: no no

joshuadun: in this life, maybe, but what about before

tylerrjoseph: before.... we were born?

joshuadun: in a way

tylerrjoseph: what

joshuadun: what if you and i

joshuadun: you and me?

tylerrjoseph: you and i

joshuadun: thank you

joshuadun: what if you and i knew each other in a past life tyler

tylerrjoseph: not following

joshuadun: literally that is the simplest explanation

tylerrjoseph: you think you and i had past lives and in those past lives we were what?

tylerrjoseph: best pals?

joshuadun: or lovers (((((;

tylerrjoseph: i don't think so

joshuadun: why not

tylerrjoseph: my past self has standards

joshuadun: you are the rudest boy i have ever met does your mom know you're such an asshole

tylerrjoseph: probably

joshuadun: i pray for her

tylerrjoseph: how sweet

joshuadun: the salt is real

tylerrjoseph: of course salt is real

joshuadun: dhfsihsidjkd that's not what i meant and you know it

tylerrjoseph: correct

tylerrjoseph: new jersey

joshuadun: what

tylerrjoseph: i'm tired of you deciding when we get to play the guess where josh lives game

tylerrjoseph: figured it was my turn

joshuadun: oooh. kay. well.

tylerrjoseph: DID I GET IT

joshuadun: no

joshuadun: i was trying to think of a pun

tylerrjoseph: joshuapun

joshuadun: fuck u if i had a nickel for every time someone said that to me id be a millionaire

tylerrjoseph: but im tyler not just 'someone' (;

joshuadun: nah

joshuadun: you're someone alright

tylerrjoseph: is that good

joshuadun: you know, tyler joseph?

joshuadun: i think it might be.

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