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unless ur one of those people who just recently found this story and you're not reading this on the same day i uploaded it ,, just so you know i published the last 3 in the same day wOo go ME.


"josh, buddy, you gotta tell them," jordan snaps his fingers in front of josh's face, drawing his attention.

josh nods, rubbing his clammy hands on his jeans.

his parents had dragged him downstairs earlier, and sat him on the couch. they waited for his voice to go hoarse. that's when he stopped screaming.

josh sips the water his mother hands him, a worried expression on her face. he glances at his dad, who is sat far away from him. he looks scared.

"why is everyone so goddamn scared of me?" he snaps, hurling the glass at the wall.

"maybe because you're acting like a person in need of hospitalization," his mother hisses, cleaning up the glass.

"you know, laura, hospitalization might be a good option with him being so-"

"YOU'RE NOT SENDING MY BROTHER TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL!" jordan bellows, cutting off his father, striding over and sitting next to josh protectively.

"then what are we meant to do!?" josh's dad asks jordan.

"you're going to listen to him! for gods sake josh tell them."

"tell us what, josh?" his mother asks, coming to sit next on the other side.

"i met a boy," josh says, his gaze fixed on the floor, unfocused. "his name is tyler joseph. we- we met online. we played this game until his figured out where i lived. then he came over. he surprised me. he stayed here the three days you were gone. we had a date set for that friday. he was gonna be my boyfriend."

"oh my god, josh is he dead?" his mother gasps.

josh almost chuckles. he might be, he thinks.

"no, mom. not dead. he just never showed up to that date. he never texted, never called."

"so you're acting psycho, because some boy stood you up?" his dad interrupts.

if only it were that simple.

"no, dad. he didn't stand me up. i hit him with my car later that night. he had a black eye. he had a cut on his lip. he was pulling glass shards out of his chest. he had bruised ribs. the only problem here is that i didn't do that. his dad did. his father beat him," josh's voice fills with tears. he chokes up a bit, and fights to keep his eyes from flowing.

jordan rubs his knee comfortingly.

"it scared me that someone did that to him. it was because he loved me, he told his dad he loved me and his dad hit him for it. it was all because of me, it was all my fault. and i didn't know how to handle it. jordan gave me money, he gave me apartment listings, we were going to move away. b-but i yelled at him and he just left. he's gone, he's gone, he's gone," josh cries, and jordan takes him in his arms.

"what if he goes back?" josh sobs into jordan's chest.

"we'll find him, j," jordan tries not to cry. he hates that his brother's so upset.

"what if he doesn't want to be found?" josh cries harder.

"we'll find him j."

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