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*through writing this i learned that the viceroy butterfly is the state butterfly of my state.

twenty two days in

joshuadun: i think butterflies are evil

tylerrjoseph: BUTTERFLIES??

joshuadun: yeah they're some shady motherfuckers

joshuadun: like those two butterflies that look the exact same

joshuadun: viceroy * & monarch

joshuadun: all bc the viceroy is being totally sketch and copyin the monarch so predators won't go after it

tylerrjoseph: it's only shady because you're probably one of those people who can't tell them apart

joshuadun: UM,,,

tylerrjoseph: am i wrong

joshuadun: nO but i didn't realize you were some kind of butterfly expert either, mr sherlock fuggin holmes

tylerrjoseph: are you implying sherlock holmes was a butterfly expert

joshuadun: *is

tylerrjoseph: sherlocks dead

joshuadun: you don't know

tylerrjoseph: sherlock never even actually existed man it's a book series

joshuadun: um rude and disrespectful, harry potter was a book series and HE was definitely real

tylerrjoseph: im not gonna win this am i

joshuadun: no.

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