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Colors // Joshler by -xFallOutGirlx-
Colors // Joshlerby ♡ fall ♡
There were a few colors that Tyler got the occasional feel of--yellow, blue, orange, and lavender. Any other color was rare. In fact, most days, Tyler felt somewhat gray...
lollipops (DISCONTINUED) by bigoldkabookie
lollipops (DISCONTINUED)by funky bongo
"josh." "yes, ty?" "your hair matches your eyes." "it does." "and your eyes match your lips." who knew a lollipop could...
The Notebook//Joshler by reasoning4purpose
The Notebook//Joshlerby anathema
Welcome to Tyler Joseph's journal. This is where he keeps his thoughts. The journal sits in his bedside table, and there are no intentions for anyone to ever read it. Th...
Go away, Tyler || Joshler by cherryxvenom
Go away, Tyler || Joshlerby 🍒🍒
"Hi Josh!" "Go away, Tyler." ☘︎︎☘︎︎ **just a note. This fic is basically the forest fic and this other fic smashed into one. so if u read the forest...
Poise ; Joshler by juxtapositionn
Poise ; Joshlerby .。.:*☆
love looks not with the eyes . (prof. dancer/model!ty , prof. photographer!josh) -- lowercase intended joshler au ©basicallydun_ 2017
Doodles ~ Joshler Fanfic by topmcrbitrash
Doodles ~ Joshler Fanficby None
This is my first book! Please vote if you enjoyed! Tyler has a crush on Josh, but Josh does not even know Tyler exists, until 1 day. This book is in Tyler's pov (point o...
Polarize- a joshler fanfic by pilot_time
Polarize- a joshler fanficby pilot_time
Tyler is a very depressed kid who struggles with depression and anxiety. But then he meets Josh. And he turns his whole life upside down. In a good way. (Also I know tha...
More than frens (JØSHLER SMUT) by recklesslywritten
More than frens (JØSHLER SMUT)by recklesslywritten
Joshler smut (Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from TØP) don't read if you are sensitive about the mentioning of dicks.
Words // Joshler by -xFallOutGirlx-
Words // Joshlerby ♡ fall ♡
A series of oneshots and stories from the Colors universe. Finally. Can be read without reading Colors first, but I would strongly recommend! _____________ Joshler High...
Sex Money Feelings Die [Joshler; On Hold] by spookyjoshua_
Sex Money Feelings Die [Joshler; 🥀𝓢𝓹𝓸𝓸𝓴𝔂 𝓙𝓸𝓼𝓱𝓾𝓪🥀
"You really like this motel, huh?" "No, but I like you." Tyler seems to live at a shady motel. Josh works there.
Goner. //joshler by ghostlypilots
Goner. //joshlerby K
"Josh. He's back." "Tyler, your stronger." "I can't take him out." "Yes you can." *DO NOT READ IF YOU GET TRIGGERED EASILY. publi...
One More Night//CoffeeBeanLeaf by CoffeeBeanLeaf
One More Night//CoffeeBeanLeafby Evelyn Coffee Cook
some joshler fluff , written at like 12 am
dainty daffodils 💫💐💫 ❝ j o s h l e r  ❞ by tyjoisdunwithjish
dainty daffodils 💫💐💫 ❝ j o s 🌟
│diaphanous │pure │ pulchritudinous │ if a 'so-called' depressed boy who has lost his will to vocalize, meets a boy who is an excellent liar who somehow manages to pl...
falling  by tyierjosrph
falling by noah
this is my first time writing a book. i'm sorry in advance for any typos. it's kinda hard to explain the book so i suggest just reading it <3
sweet tea by bigoldkabookie
sweet teaby funky bongo
josh works at a café, and tyler goes to the café every morning for a sweet tea. josh is absolutely in love with tyler. tyler is absolutely in love with tea. and maybe...
Adopted by josh dun ReaderxJosh by KaylaWontCare
Adopted by josh dun ReaderxJoshby KaylaWontCare
The reader gets adopted by Josh but it spins into chaos when they fall in love. Will it work out?