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eleven days in.

joshuadun: why am i always the one who starts conversations

tylerrjoseph: must be bc im never as eager to talk to you as you are to talk to me

joshuadun: you know you really hurt me tyler

joshuadun: ryght een teh heert

tylerrjoseph: sorry bout it

joshuadun: asshole

tylerrjoseph: (((((-: you love me

joshuadun: ...

tylerrjoseph: alright i deserved that

tylerrjoseph: rude but i deserved it

joshuadun: soooooo what are you up to today(:

tylerrjoseph: um just gonna go to starbucks with my friends

joshuadun: friends???

joshuadun: you have friends???

tylerrjoseph: yes

tylerrjoseph: i have you don't i?

joshuadun: o:

joshuadun: we're friends????????

tylerrjoseph: we talk for extended periods of time every single day without missing a beat. our snapstreak is 10 days. in my opinion, we are.

joshuadun: i feel blessed (':

tylerrjoseph: don't ruin it

joshuadun: fine fine

joshuadun: tell me about your other friends

tylerrjoseph: uh, what do you want to know?

joshuadun: you know.

joshuadun: just talk about 'em

joshuadun: i wanna know my competition

tylerrjoseph: i'm not even gonna ask what competition you're talking about

joshuadun: tell !!! me !!! about !!! them !!!

tylerrjoseph: ok jeEZ

tylerrjoseph: um well you've got pete, firstly.

tylerrjoseph: he's been my friend since preschool i guess. i don't remember how we met but he insists he was trying to conduct an orgy on the playground and i asked to join.

joshuadun: tasteful

tylerrjoseph: er yeah. that's his humor for ya. he's always been my best friend. he leaves me out of a lot of his party stuff but mainly on accident. and when he realizes he forgot to invite me along for the ride, he always tries his hardest to drag me out somewhere with him to make up for it. it get to be a little old bc like how many times can you accidentally 'forget' your best friend but i don't really mind because i know he's sweet and means well deep down.

joshuadun: sounds nice

tylerrjoseph: he is, honestly. i don't think i'd have a social life at all if he wasn't around. he lives a good five minutes away on foot, so i don't have to worry about our different school schedules messing things up and he's really determined to not let us grow apart either

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