twenty one

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bet u cunts didn't think id come back for you.
you were wrong.

welcome to chapter twenty one —pilots. cue the band references in celebration (:<


josh turns, pocketing his phone. his eyes survey the scene before him from his out-of-view position in the hallway. tyler was about to cough up all the soda in his throat from laughing too hard at something. his best friends, brendon and dallon were 'team brallon'-ing, sitting far too close together with their hands places conveniently on top of each other. josh's eyebrow cocks at this. he never really knew what was going on between them and ryan. he liked to stay out of their drama ever since the disco incident of 2004.

apologetically, he shoves off the hallway wall, entering the room once again. he shakes his head when tyler shoots him a concerned glance, smiling and sitting next to his new friend. he frowns as he thinks about tyler being his new friend. new friend-he-likes-to-kiss-sometimes maybe.

he'd worry about that later.

"josh, you remember that, right?" brendon asks, smirking at josh's far-off glance.

"yeah of course!" josh answers immediately trying to seem like he hadn't drifted into his thoughts too much.

the whole room breaks out into extensive giggles, tyler trying to mask his behind his hand. he was, however, failing miserably.

"what?" josh frowns.

"you-," dallon points, pausing to chuckle some more. "just... admitted you wore a pink tutu in 3rd grade to prove you were-"

"THE PRETTIEST PRINCESS!" brendon finishes, choking on his own laughter.

josh glares at them half-heartedly. up until now, he had purposely denied any recollection of the incident. he'd hoped they'd forget over time and assume they were confusing him with someone else.

"okay, that was because he who must not be named was about to get the role of cinderella and i would not stand for it," josh defends.

" 'he who must not be named'?" tyler asks.

"nobody knows his real name," brendon shrugs.

"now he just uses on he saw on a grave," josh nods, nonchalantly.

"it's okay cinderelly," tyler pats his knee jokingly, shooting him a small smile.

"you guys are bullies and i will be sure to roast you on my twitter later."

"go for it. i'm the one with pictures," brendon smirks again.

josh's jaw drops, and for a moment fear flushes through him. the room goes quiet, tension building.

"god you are so gullible," brendon begins to crack up again.

"we should recreate that moment," dallon suggests innocently, but josh registers the glint in his eye.

"go. to. hell," he spits.

"mm-mm. feisty does not go with that dress," tyler grinds out his best judgmental-girl voice

the whole room erupted in cheers to tyler, for catching onto their banter. josh rubs his shoulder, feeling grateful to just have tyler right next to him when there's so much couch available.

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