twenty seven

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a lot of you guys have cute reading list titles that are series, like ive seen "a car", "a torch", "and a death" and i think ive seen "taking" "my" "time" "on" "my" "ride" and it's all really cOol but my only query is HOW THE HELL DO YOU DECIDE WHAT STORIES YOU WANT IN WHICH ???????? LIKE WHAT MAKES A STORY GOOD ENOUGH TO BE IN THE "RIDE" LIST I DONT UNDERSTAND THERE IS NO ORGANIZATION IN THAT // ok. anyway. enjoy:

the morning treats josh to a muted sunrise through the red curtains in the guest room. his eyes fall onto the steady rise and fall of his love, tyler. he smiles to himself, before a heavy frown sets on his face. he gently untangles himself from the covers and removes his arm from its wrapped position around tyler's waist.

he stands, fighting back a groan. he's not particularly upset at anything in particular. he just can't help but feel completely lost in the tragedy tyler unveiled to him.

he exits the room, tiptoeing upstairs to the kitchen. he sighs in relief as he notices the empty room. he quietly grabs a bowl from a cabinet and pours himself some cereal. as he goes to get the milk from the fridge he hears a family member coming down the stairs.

he turns around nervously, but his nervousness flees as quickly as it came when he sees it's only jordan. the older boy raises an eyebrow at josh's disheveled appearance as he approaches.

"fuck too hard last night, my man?" jordan smiles crookedly.

"no," josh looks away.

"hey," jordan's smile disappears. "what's wrong?"

josh fights to not look at him. instead, he pours milk into his cereal bowl. he puts the milk back, and grabs a spoon. he munches on it like a normal human being without anything to hide. he does not look at his brother.

"josh," jordan's tone is soft. "i'm your brother. you can tell me anything."

and josh is a goner. simple as that. he turns around and locks eyes with his brother, the person who he's cried to about all his problems since he was four years old. the person who came into his room in the middle of the night when he was a crying baby because he didn't trust his parents to do it right. jordan was, and always has been, josh's endless support.

so, naturally, josh cries. immediately, jordan's arms are wrapping around the younger boy, and rubbing soothing circles into his back. he says nothing as josh chokes out each piece of his current issue against his chest. he lets josh sob, and tell him how frustrated he is that he can't do anything. he allows josh to berate himself and say horrible things about himself for not having a plan for tyler.

and when josh is done, he steps back. he wipes the tears from his brother's face, turns around, and jogs up the stairs with a promise to return.

when he does return, he's clutching a jar of money. he hands it to josh without a word.

"what? jordan what is this?" josh asks, confused.

"it's money our parents and i have been setting aside for you since you were two," jordan shrugs.

"why would you set aside money for me?"

"relax, they did the same thing for me. i just happened to love my little brother a whole lot, so i helped them save up for you."

"but... why give it to me now?"

"i want you to take tyler to his house. give him a suitcase and tell him to pack everything he can. you do the same thing. then, you'll both stay in the basement until you can find a suitable apartment. i've been looking since i graduated, and i have a few that passed my interest that you might be able to afford," jordan explains.

josh has no words. so he cries again. except, this time, his arms wrap around jordan with gratitude.

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