final authors note

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hey guys, im here ((((-:

so writing the first online was an emotional roller coaster and i think that story managed to get in 60 chapters with something like oooh idk... 200k views? which was insane. i loved every minute of it, up until i just kinda flipped my shit and deleted it all. that wasn't very cool lol.

i calmed down. i came back and i wrote and rewrote this story what feels like 100 times. but i finally did it this time. no, i won't delete it on you guys. im leaving it alone.

but this will never replace the real online. that story is lost forever, except for on some obscure website where someone wrote like a german translation of it or something (with my permission of course) but the memories of it will never be. i will always remember the joy writing online and neighbors gave me. i know this story will never be as popular as the first, and it doesn't deserve to be. i cannot recreate that in any way, but i owed you all this story. even if it is the shitty second hand version of it.

i love you all. thanks for staying with me.


if youd like to stay with me,,, head on over to my page and check out ::

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