twenty six

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fifty nine days in

group: cuntaloupes 🍈

joshuadun: SOS

brendonwithu: what emergency could you possibly have at 4am

ryanrosstheryanboss: seriously go to sleep

impossibleweekes: but,,, we're all awake too

joshuadun: thanks dall for logic

ryanrosstheryanboss: that's a first

impossibleweekes: do you want my fist in your face bc it can happen

brendonwithu: chill. what's wrong josh

joshuadun: tyler just told me his dad beat him tonight and i only just got him to stop crying and go to sleep

impossibleweekes: beat???

ryanrosstheryanboss: like, abuse.

impossibleweekes: you're kidding.

joshuadun: no

brendonwithu: poor tyler...

impossibleweekes: start feeling sorry for his fucking father, who's body you're about to find in a fucking ditch

brendonwithu: dall

ryanrosstheryanboss: dall

joshuadun: dall

impossibleweekes: im about to leave this goddamn house and hunt this motherfucker down

joshuadun: thanks for being protective but dall there's nothing we can do


ryanrosstheryanboss: too far

joshuadun: i suggest you shut the fuck up before i make you.

brendonwithu: josh

joshuadun: im staying completely calm right now, because im smart enough to know there. is. nothing. we. can. do.

impossibleweekes: fine stay calm and be a pussy?? i'd rather hunt this guy down thanks

joshuadun: i will not hesitate to beat your face in.

joshuadun: this is MY boyfriend. this is the love of MY life. i love him more than anything on this goddamn planet. do NOT tell me i don't give a fuck, because of course i do.

joshuadun: there is nothing i'd like more than to drive to this prick's house, take a baseball bat, and bash his fucking skull in. he's a fucking piece of shit and i will personally damn him to hell.

joshuadun: but it won't erase the abuse. it'll only give us a probable lawsuit and emotional scarring.

joshuadun: just because you find the attacker doesn't make the victim's pain any less real. doesn't make it hurt any less. fuck, tyler would probably never forgive me if i pounded the fucker's face in.

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