thirty two

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heathens music video¿? let's see let's see
,,, also to anyone who says "no heathens isn't about anything it's just for suicide squad" tyler promised hed never write anything that didn't mean something to him and i hold him to it im 130% sure that heathens does have meaning it's as deep as any other song by tøp just bc it's for suicide squad doesn't mean it's not deep


joshuadun: which one of you fucks took my phone and put both your numbers in

petethepunk: idk what ur talking about, but you best take 3 steps back before you come attackin my space 

patricksgoindownswinging: what did you even just say

petethepunk: u know what i said

patricksgoindownswinging:why is your name petethepunk now it used to be so cute 'petethephoenix'

petethepunk: bc im punk rock duh

patricksgoindownswinging: sure pete.

joshuadun: i take it you're both in love with each other

petethepunk: lol no id rather date a dog

patricksgoindownswinging: thanks pete.

petethepunk: np

joshuadun: i have an idea

joshuadun added ryanrosstheryanboss
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joshuadun added brendonwithu

joshuadun: friends, meet tyler's friends

joshuadun: tyler's friends, meet my friends

ryanrosstheryanboss: well my username says it all

brendonwithu: mine too.

impossibleweekes: um hi im dallon

petethepunk: ur usernames are all so cool

patricksgoindownswinging: yeah but 'petethepunk' is surely soooo much cooler!1!1!

joshuadun: this should be fun

joshuadun has left the group

brendonwithu: ok srsly why does he do that

ryanrosstheryanboss: man 2nd time this week

petethepunk: he do that often?

impossibleweekes: yes.

patricksgoingdownswingin: he seems nice

brendonwithu: he is

ryanrosstheryanboss: it gets annoying

petethepunk: i can relate

patricksgoingdownswingin: love u too pete.

ryanrosstheryanboss: so u guys are together?

patricksgoingdownswingin has left the group

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brendonwithu: they didn't even answer the question??

ryanrosstheryanboss: very rude

impossibleweekes: wonder where josh met those guys

ryanrosstheryanboss: he literally said they were tylers friends do you even listen

impossibleweekes: fuckin blow me jackass

brendonwithu: still here

ryanrosstheryanboss: is that an offer or a threat because they all sound the same from
you my dear

brendonwithu: guys

impossibleweekes: does it matter you're such a slut you'd give it to anyone

brendonwithu: the sexual tension could literally cut glass

ryanrosstheryanboss: you'd be so lucky to have me

impossibleweekes: as if. care to show me what im missing out on?

ryanrosstheryanboss: thank me later

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brendonwithu: wait what's happening
not delivered

brendonwithu: dallon what
not delivered

brendonwithu: did you
not delievered

brendonwithu: did you turn your phone off
not delivered

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