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i really love the catcher in the rye despite it having no plotline or real story. or maybe i just really love holden caufield.

(still 16 days)

joshuadun: hullllloooo

tylerrjoseph: hiya

joshuadun: i am now situated at dallon's

tylerrjoseph: ooh fun

joshuadun: his mom thinks we're dating so i am just bombarded by overly sexual comments when here

tylerrjoseph: omg

joshuadun: sigh

joshuadun: i wish you were here

tylerrjoseph: i wish i was too

tylerrjoseph: wanna meet you and your friends.

joshuadun: you'd like em

tylerrjoseph: may i make a proposal

joshuadun: a marriage one?

joshuadun: because that's been legal since june 25th (:

tylerrjoseph: 26th actually

tylerrjoseph: but ah no

joshuadun: well any other proposal is a thorough disappointment but i guess if you really wanna i'll listen to it

tylerrjoseph: sorry

tylerrjoseph: i was just wondering

tylerrjoseph: since we can't talk on the phone because the area code will ruin your game

tylerrjoseph: could we skype maybe..?

joshuadun: omg

tylerrjoseph: i understand if you don't want to

tylerrjoseph: especially like right now because you're with dallon and brendon and im sure id mess up your night

joshuadun: ty

tylerrjoseph: not mess up like im totally a loser no one would enjoy,, just mess up like you guys are close friends and im just a guy who lives somewhere probably far away from you and i completely see how that would put a damper on things

joshuadun: tyler

tylerrjoseph: i could wait until tomorrow if you'd rather talk to them. or actually we don't have to skype at all if you don't wanna see my face and stuff like texting is completely fine i just thought id ask

joshuadun: tyler joseph

tylerrjoseph: only because you're so focused on your game and skype doesn't have area codes it's just usernames and it would make the most sense and we don't even have to video chat we could just audio

joshuadun: TYLER

tylerrjoseph: what

joshuadun: are you done rambling

tylerrjoseph: oh i

tylerrjoseph: yeah

joshuadun: id love to skype you.

joshuadun: brendon and dallon would love for me to skype you.

joshuadun: what's your username dear

tylerrjoseph: tylerrjoseph

joshuadun: a universal username?

tylerrjoseph: i use it for everything

joshuadun: that would be the 'universal' part of universal username yes

tylerrjoseph: oh wow am i dumb

tylerrjoseph: i'm in shock kind of

joshuadun: shock?

tylerrjoseph: i just can't believe you said yes to skype

joshuadun: why wouldn't i

tylerrjoseph: i don't know it would just be my luck


joshuadun: i gotcha baby boy

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