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it's weird bc like no one still checks my account so no one knows about this fic so it's like my notifs are dead af and it's like starting wattpad for the very first time again

36 hours in

joshuadun: i have returned

tylerrjoseph: sup

joshuadun: really?

joshuadun: i strategically wait 12 hours and you only say 'sup'??

tylerrjoseph: my bad

tylerrjoseph: josh!

tylerrjoseph: it's been so long!

joshuadun: better

joshuadun: anyway

joshuadun: sup

tylerrjoseph: eh friends are dragging me off to some party tonight

joshuadun: really? my friends wanted me to go out with them to a party tonight too

tylerrjoseph: you're not going?

joshuadun: nah

tylerrjoseph: huh

joshuadun: what?

tylerrjoseph: nothin, you just strike me as a party kind of person

joshuadun: me?

joshuadun: nah

joshuadun: i go to a lot of 'em but really just for the music not for the booze or boyz

tylerrjoseph: boyz?

joshuadun: i was trying to make it look like booze for my typing aesthetic

tylerrjoseph: no i mean

tylerrjoseph: boys?

joshuadun: boy |boi| noun
1. a male child or young man

tylerrjoseph: omg nevermind

joshuadun: what?

tylerrjoseph: nothing it was stupid forget it

joshuadun: hm

joshuadun: okay?

joshuadun: do you want to guess where im from again?

tylerrjoseph: can i have 2 guesses this time

joshuadun: finneee only bc ive seemingly upset you somehow

tylerrjoseph: im not upset

tylerrjoseph: california

joshuadun: big leap from all the east coast guesses ty

tylerrjoseph: risk taker

joshuadun: well, the risk didn't pay off

joshuadun: im not from california [ insert joke about droughts here ]

tylerrjoseph: idaho

joshuadun: udaho

tylerrjoseph: that's not right either im guessing

joshuadun: 'fraid not

tylerrjoseph: is there a reason you won't tell me

tylerrjoseph: like is the real answer 'im in alcatraz prison'

joshuadun: obviously not seeing how you've already guessed california

joshuadun: it's just a fun game in which you lose

tylerrjoseph: what if we live in the same state

joshuadun: doubtful

tylerrjoseph: tru

joshuadun: ok u step up ur guessing game and i'll go heat up some pizza rolls

tylerrjoseph: wow josh! what do you do with all those extra .00002 seconds you have from not typing y & o in the word you???

joshuadun: idk what do you do with the extra .00000000001 seconds you get from not typing the e in true

tylerrjoseph: touché josh dun. touché.

joshuadun: i jack off btw

tylerrjoseph: WOOOOAHHH WHAT

tylerrjoseph: ESCALATION SPEED 1738
(real readers will understand)

joshuadun: you asked me what i do with all the extra .00002 seconds i get

joshuadun: there's your answer

tylerrjoseph: iT wAs rhEtoricAl you DOG

joshuadun: pizza rolls are done gtg

tylerrjoseph: fUck you

joshuadun: time and a place dear(;

tylerrjoseph: rn

joshuadun: oh sorry, can't

joshuadun: pizza rolls await

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