twenty three

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@ all 5 of u who still read this and care about me; comment about ryden vs brallon and which you ship, why i should ship it, and what makes you think either one is real
fifty eight days in

tylerrjoseph: hey baby. i know you're in school but i just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about our date tonight. marvin's pizza place, at 8. it's fancier than it sounds, make sure you're wearing a tie.

joshuadun: i will im so happy

joshuadun: will i get to see you in a tie?

tylerrjoseph: that and more babe.

tylerrjoseph: i gotta go, my parents make me turn my phone off during online school.

joshuadun: no fair. but i'll see you later ty


joshuadun: im so excited

joshuadun: i can't sit still

joshuadun: what the fuck why is this so exciting

joshuadun: i should get ready

joshuadun: see u soon


joshuadun: you haven't texted me back which is sending my anxiety through the roof 24m

joshuadun: tyler? 6m

joshuadun: guess i'll see you soon...just now


joshuadun: im here. 16m


joshuadun: im waiting


joshuadun: i told the waitress you were coming soon

joshuadun: that was 46 minutes ago


joshuadun: i can't sit here any longer i look pathetic

joshuadun: where are you?


joshuadun: i really want to believe somethings wrong and you're just not okay and it's not you blowing me off

joshuadun: but god would it kill you to text me back


joshuadun: i left.

joshuadun: i think im leaving you too

joshuadun: i thought you were different

joshuadun: h o w d o i b r e a k u p w i t h
y o u

joshuadun: bye, tyler.

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