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when i go to type josh's username the letters jo automatically turn into no if i don't type quick enough so if josh's username is ever just the word no you know why

ALSO i typed the name ross several times while trying to address ryan because ive been watching friends so much im LOSING MY MIND

AND TO ADD TO THIS INCREDIBLY LONG AUTHORS NOTE THING people seemed to enjoy the multiple person texting thing i did way back in chapter, like, nine so here is that with added users dallon and ryan !!! wOw!! FUN!!! haha let me know if you actually like this kinda stuff i'll be sure to add it in for some comic relief

(also josh is me while talking to several people actually these are true responses i have to such things)

(another fucking) aLSO this could literally be so many social media platforms i have no idea what im doing

OK !!! HERE !! IS !! THE !! STORY !!!

joshuadun: start crying

tylerrjoseph: what???????

joshuadun: so we can leavveeeee

tylerrjoseph: i don't wanna leave

joshuadun: tYler im BORED i wanna kiss you

tylerrjoseph: wow your life must be sooo hard

joshuadun: ugh.


joshuadun: get me out of my house

ryanrosstheryanboss: isn't tyler in your house

joshuadun: hed rather hang out with team brallon

ryanrosstheryanboss: why wasn't i invited

joshuadun: uuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh


joshuadun: why wasn't ryan invited

brendonwithu: because dall's mad at him


joshuadun: because dall is mad at you

ryanrosstheryanboss: when is he NOT

ryanrosstheryanboss: whys he mad

joshuadun: uuuuuggggghhhhh


joshuadun: why

brendonwithu: i didn't ask



joshuadun: brendon didn't ask

ryanrosstheryanboss: so ask dallon

joshuadun: uuuuuggggghhhhhh


tylerrjoseph: hey speedy thumbs who ya texting over there

joshuadun: LITERALLY who am i not texting right now i swear to jesus


joshuadun: why are you mad at ryan

impossibleweekes: im not really...
(bc i haven't mentioned death of a bachelor yet)

joshuadun: i do not have all day to deal with you stalling

impossibleweekes: im irritated

joshuadun: about ???

impossibleweekes: idk how he just keeps walking in and out of our lives and how mad he gets when he thinks im replacing him (when really he replaces me every time he comes back) and  acts surprised how everyone loves me for BEING AROUND

joshuadun: you have too much emotion

joshuadun took a screenshot

joshuadun: Attachment 1 Image

ryanrosstheryanboss: damn

ryanrosstheryanboss: i'll talk to him

ryanrosstheryanboss: thanks j

joshuadun: you are fucking welcome good bye


impossibleweekes: did you send that to him 6m ago

impossibleweekes: what the fuck josh 4m ago

impossibleweekes: STOP IGNORING ME just now
        opened 8:06pm


brendonwithu: omg ryan just told me everything

brendonwithu: dallon is so jealous of team ryden !!!


brendonwithu: josh?

brendonwithu: wait where are you going?

tylerrjoseph: where are you going?


impossibleweekes: where are you going?


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