My words had left me. My reasoning had taken a hike with my voice. My legs were trembling, making me place my hands on the top of his head, grabbing onto his hair for support.

Because he was stroking his warm hands up the outside of my thighs, catching the hem of the T-shirt on the back of his hands, bundling the material up on his wrists as his strong fingers traced the outline of my well-demarcated hip bones before pressing heatedly into the natural the dip of my waist.

I was holding my breath, my body moving in small restless movements. Because I knew that he was looking at me. I knew what he was seeing. Even if I hadn't been able to read his mind.

I still wasn't used to him looking at me like that. With untamed hunger. With exposed yearning. With consuming love.

I don't know if I would ever get used to the shame and the humiliation I felt being this exposed to someone. Standing naked in front of someone, while his feelings were almost sending me over the edge. The conflict in my head was extremely heart-wrenching. How my critical opinion of myself bounced against his adoration for that same body.

His grip on my waist was turning harder, his fingers digging into my waist, and the feelings that ran through me at the possessiveness of his touch would have sent me to the floor had that same grip not been holding me up.

With a simple flexing of his arms, my stomach was pulled up to his mouth, and he slowly pressed a kiss just above my pubic bone. My fingers dug into his scalp. His breaths were warm and present as he breathed against my skin, letting the sensations and feelings of our proximity, of our desire and love, pulsate through us.

I opened my mouth with the intention of reminding him that I needed to go to the toilet, when his mouth started moving horizontally along the invisible line where the top edge of my panties would usually sit. I could feel the occasional touch of his tongue in the center of his open-mouthed kisses, interspersed with sweeps of only his lips.

My whole being was so focused on the feel of his touch that I trembled every time he moved half an inch, which seemed to be the distance he had 'decided' to allocate between his kisses.

His thumbs were sinking into my hips, the tips of the other eight fingers digging into the top of my butt cheeks while his palms were fused so intimately to the sides of my pelvis that the affected area felt as if it was on fire.

He slowly kissed down the gentle ditch of my left groin and my hold on his hair, on his head, tightened in a desperate attempt to remain standing.

"I love you," he whispered, his words as tight with emotions as the connection vibrating intensely and brightly between us.

My eyes, which had been squeezed tightly shut, slowly opened and I looked down at the crown of his head, and signaled my wish for him to not support my weight anymore, to let me slide to my knees.

He looked up at me as my knees touched the cold floor, and my chest ached with my love for him as I slid my palms down his temples, down his cheeks, the millimeters of stubble on the lower part of his face tickling my hands sensually. His eyes closed as I leaned forward and pressed gentle kisses on his eyelids, and he pressed his lips to the pads of my thumbs which I had paused against the center of his mouth.

"I love you," I said with quiet emphasis.

I felt his lips move into a smile beneath my thumbs and even the small movements his mouth made as he replied was enough to send me shivers of pleasure. "But you need to pee."

I giggled breathlessly and angled my face down to kiss his lips. Something I didn't think I would ever get tired of doing. My whispered reply was returning my shivers of pleasure to him as I confirmed, "Desperately."

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