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"Hmm," Sean murmured in contemplation, brushing his hand across the kitchen counter. "It was here before."

I clutched my handbag closer to my body, probably looking like a frightened old lady, guarding her most priced possessions.

My bag didn't contain any priced possessions, though. I think my wallet only stored two dollars at the moment. I just didn't know how to contain the dark thoughts rushing through my head. The thoughts that this whole place was out to get me. To do terrible things to me.

"I could ask around," Sean volunteered.

"Sure," I mumbled, scanning my surroundings. At least we were alone in the kitchen. The mute statues were still in the living room.

"Stay here?" Sean requested, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Sure," I repeated, not really paying attention. I really really really wanted to get out of here.

It troubled me greatly that Max had been so eager to leave the party, even though we had been amongst his people. His crowd. There must be a reason why he would 'turn' on them. And I had a feeling that the reason wasn't a good one.

"Be right back," Sean added before leaving the kitchen.

I took a deep breath. Discounting the time when I had seen my childhood home go up in flames, not knowing if my mom was inside or not, I had never been this scared in my whole life.

But I waited for twenty-three quiet seconds (the house eerily lacking the usual sounds accompanying a high school party), before my nerves couldn't take it anymore. I spotted a door leading outside and decided to take that one. I really didn't want to walk through that living room again. I would just go outside, walk around the house, and meet up with Maria and Max at the front.

Walking up to the back door, I decided to let my phone go. They could keep it. It didn't mean anything if I had to be this scared to get it back.

The door was unlocked (thank God) and I quickly pushed it open and stepped out into the night.

It was dark. And the silence of the party mimicked the silence of the outdoors.

I carefully, and as quietly as I could, closed the door behind me and stepped out onto the patio. Spotting movement out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sean enter the well-lit kitchen and, by some instinct I couldn't really explain, I ducked behind a bush.

I heard him call my name as I snuck behind the cover of the vegetation, crouching uncomfortably to hide my petite frame. I was grateful that I hadn't taken Maria's advice to wear high heels.

I froze as I heard the door open.

"What are you doing out here, Lizzie?" Sean called out and there was a certain smugness in his voice that informed me that he wasn't just saying that; he could see me.

But instead of straightening and laughing it off, my body told me to Run!

So I did. With Sean's laughter following me, branches clawed my face and my arms as I ran through the garden.

"Don't be ridiculous, Liz!" Sean yelled and laughed as though he didn't have a care in the world. "What are you doing?"

As I ran, I faintly wondered about my reaction. In most ways, it was ridiculous. There was no logical explanation for my irrational need to escape and get as far away from Sean Carter and that party as possible. But lately, I've become progressively more likely to listen to my instincts.

I approached a wooden toolshed at the bottom corner of the garden and was just about to seek cover behind it when someone caught a hold of me and I screamed.

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