"Wh-what?" I sputtered, uncomfortable laughter bubbling up in my throat as I stared at Isabel.

She was looking at me, clearly annoyed with my reaction. "Believe me; this wasn't exactly my favorite thing of the day to ask."

Even my mind was speechless at this point. "You want me to seduce Max?"

She sighed, leaned against the wall with a bored expression as she scrutinized her fingernails. "I've thought about this a lot and yes, that's my conclusion."

"How?" I felt stupid. "Why?" But mostly I felt nervous and worried about what her 'request' entailed.

She looked up from her perfect nails, angling her head to the side as she silently regarded me, before she hitched her head towards the other side of the hallway. "Come on. Let's find someplace more private."

My gaze fluttered around us, suddenly aware that we weren't alone, and realizing that what Isabel was going to talk about wouldn't be suited for the ears of the regular human population.

And right now, Isabel was not the least intimidating, which made me follow her without hesitation down the hall towards the female toilets.

Isabel marched into the female restroom as if she owned it, quickly checked underneath the stalls to ascertain that they were empty, before stepping around me, putting her hand over the lock to the main door, emitting a glow from her hand (my mouth fell open in surprise) and turned back to me with an unreadable face. After brushing an errant strand of hair out of her face, she once again was the epitome of perfection.

"Max has told you about our type of connection, right?"

My eye twitched in worried anticipation. Where was she going with this? Tentatively, I agreed, "Yes."

"I have to admit, I didn't really believe Max when he first claimed to have bonded with you, but then I witnessed it for myself."

In their basement. When Isabel had suggested that I should transfer my body heat to Max through the connection.

"And..." she scratched distractedly above her right eye. I was surprised by the normalcy of that movement. How human that movement of indecisiveness made her.

I wet my dry lips and prompted, "And...?"

"And I realized what we need to do."

I looked at her incredulously. "Seduce Max?"

She gave me a half-smile, so normal and warm that I found myself thinking that (just like with Max) there was a whole other person underneath that mask of pretense. "Yeah."

"And what would that solve exactly?" I wondered, while simultaneously questioning why I was trying to talk my way out of this. Didn't I want to seduce Max? Was it not Max whom I wanted?

I couldn't help it, couldn't stop the hope from igniting. Had Isabel found a solution to the whole Sean-gene-Max-problem?

She looked at me seriously, without blinking. I swallowed in the shine from her exposed look. "I'm worried about him. I've never seen him like this before. He has always been a 'good boy' within our community, but now he's breaking all the laws and getting beaten and punished every other second."

I chilled, frozen into silence.

"Because of you," Isabel continued. "I would bet my life that he would risk everything, even die, for you."

She frowned, putting her head to the side as if I was a mystery that needed solving. "And even if I don't understand that, I can't allow it."

Sadness brushed her beautiful eyes and she admitted with an honesty that was very un-Isabel, "I can't lose my brother. He's my best friend."

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