"Run!" I screamed, forcing my aching body upright. "Run!"

My father's surprised eyes flew to my face and mixture of terror and surprised recognition saturated his features. A weak, hopeful, "Lizzie?", before he took a step towards me.

My heart sank and I gestured with my unharmed arm for him to go back. "No! No, don't come any closer!"

Go back to where you came from, Daddy, I told him silently, tears clogging my throat. I can't lose you too. I can't.

"A friend of Liz, are you?" Tess mused gleefully and walked briskly towards my dad.

Her sharp steps had my father take a confused step backwards.

"Oh, I see the resemblance now," Tess cried out happily as she stopped right in front of my father.

In horror, I watched her stretch her arm out and I screamed, "Ruuuun!" and saw her grab dad's hand in a greeting handshake.

Her hand still clasping my dad's, Tess looked back at me over her shoulder, "Oh my God. Chill, Lizzie."

There was something dangerous in her eyes. Something that she reserved only for me and had probably been removed from her face once she looked back at my father.

Doing so, she told him calmly, "I'm Tess. And you must be Liz's daddy."

Dad nodded, perplexed.

"Wonderful!" Tess cried out, excited, let go off his hand and brought her freed hand up to his head.

I took a stumbling step forward, my injured ankle folding painfully under my weight, making me close to falling over. "No! Don't-"

I had been convinced she would touch his forehead and instantly kill him. Instead she touched the blood at his hairline and mumbled compassionately, "Oh no. You're hurt."

"Yes," dad answered. "I fell."

"Oh," Tess concluded emphatically, turning her head and hitching her thumb in my direction. "Lizzie fell too. Didn't you, honey?"

"Get the fuck away from my dad," I threatened then, ignoring the pain in my shoulder and my foot as I traveled across the floor.

Tess clicked her tongue, shaking her head in disapproval. "Such behavior. Such language." Looking back at my father, she added, "She must have learnt that from her mother, obviously. Because you are just too adorable to use such language."

Fiercely, I tried to get a hold of the connection. To access powers. I wanted to blast her to hell. I wanted to turn her into ashes. I wanted her gone from my dad.

Dad looked at me, concerned. "Why are you so upset, Lizzie? She seems like a nice young lady. Is she a friend of yours?"

Instead of answering, I felt the familiar energy build inside of me and without a word, I quickly raised my healthy arm and fired at Tess' back.

Somehow she sensed it. Somehow she knew during that fraction of a second that she was being targeted and she stepped to the side.

The blast missed her by barely an inch, instead hitting my father with perfect aim to the center of his abdomen. Like the exaggerated visual effects from an old movie where someone is hit with a canon ball, the blast left a perfectly round hole in my father's abdomen. Through it, I could see the army green of the wall behind him.

His mouth formed a surprised 'O', before his eyes rolled back in their sockets, his legs folded and he tumbled to the floor.


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