Maria knitted her eyebrows together and stared at me in wonderment. "What are you supposed to be, Liz?"

I smiled sarcastically and twirled quickly in front of Maria. "Isn't it obvious?"

Maria put her head to the side as if the changed angle might enlighten her. "Are you even dressed up at all?"

I disappeared into her bathroom, answering her as I rummaged through my humble collection of hair accessories, "Of course I am."

"Liz," Maria said slowly. "You're wearing jeans."

"And a red top," I added as I got a hold of the black hair clip I was searching for.

"It's a Halloween party," Maria said. "You have to dress up. It's like part of the deal."

I smiled at her. "What if I put on lipstick?"

Maria's face fell. "Liz! You can't be serious. You don't have a costume?"

"Of course I do," I answered calmly. "I'm wearing it."

Maria's mouth hung open as she in dazed shock slowly shook her head from side to side. I could just imagine the thoughts going through her head at the moment. How people would be talking about us just because I couldn't dress up properly. This was Maria's thing. Maria lived for costume parties. I hated to disappoint her, but looking over her furry leopard costume I didn't regret saying no to that trip to the costume store with her earlier that week.

"You're wearing your normal clothes!" Maria almost screeched.

I rolled my eyes. "Sheesh, Maria. Calm down." I turned around and retrieve a 12 inches long thick wooden stick that had been pointed in one end, courtesy of Alex Whitman. I held the stick up in front of me, pulled my lips back and tried to look as intimidating as possible. "What about now?"

Maria just stared at me.

"Oooh, vampires beware," I drawled out dramatically.

Maria kept staring at me. Her eyes had taken on a glazed empty look.

My hands flopped down in resignation. "Don't you see it?"

"It's a stick," Maria said slowly.

"I'm a vampire slayer," I said, waiting in anticipation for the coin to drop.

"You're a vampire slayer," Maria repeated slowly.

"Yeah," I nodded excitedly. "You know, like Buffy. But I'm not Buffy. I'm Faith. You know, the other vampire slayer. Because Buffy's blonde, Faith's brunette. It just works better. Otherwise I would have to wear a wig and I'm, you know, going for the least amount of dress up possible here."

Maria nodded slowly. "I can see that."

I sighed, smiling at her. "Come on, Maria. Don't you get it? I'm gonna go and slay the vampires. At least you should get it."

Maria sighed deeply and sank down onto the bed. "Why can't I have a normal friend?"

"You have a friend with super strength," I said simply, shrugging as I put the home-made stake down on the table. "I think that's pretty cool."

Maria fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, mumbling something along the lines of that she should've forced me along to the costume store. I disappeared into the bathroom and picked up the dark red lipstick I had borrowed from my mom.

"Why not?" I shrugged and started to apply the blood color to my lips.

Maria's excited exclamation caused me to drop the lipstick into the sink. "Ooh! I know!"

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