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I wish you were dead.

The thought rushed through my mind uninhibited. With a darkness I had never before experienced. I had never before wished death on anyone. But in that moment, I didn't feel like he deserved to live. He didn't deserve to live when he would treat another person like this.

At that point, I felt the unmistakable energy pool in my body. But it didn't feel the same as before. It was warmer this time, more powerful, more...focused.

It awakened my dazed condition, forced me to focus on that feeling, to direct it and take charge of it. Whatever it was - Max or the bond itself - it was there to help me.

"God, you're warm," he grumbled in Max's voice and I could literally feel myself heating up underneath him.

I pulled my hands from my face and looked up and down at him just as he snapped his hand away from my feminine parts. As if he had been burnt.

He snapped his eyes towards my face, his eyes wide as he saw me looking at him calmly and asked hurriedly - with a touch of fear, "What are you doing?" before a low growl started in the depth of his lungs, gradually building into a roar.

It was horrible to hear that terror in Max's voice. To see the fear on Max's face. Even if I knew that it wasn't Max. He was rapidly pulling away from me, looking down at his minimally clothed body as his screaming intensified.

Heat was pulsating through me, forming drops of sweat on my forehead, increasing my breath and fueling my self-confidence.

I pushed myself up into seated position before moving to my knees, directing my hand out towards the person I assumed was Sean - who was still impersonating Max - much the same as he had aimed his hand at Max (with the intention of killing him) just before I had jumped in front of him.

I had to concentrate to see beyond Max's face as he continued screaming, staggering backwards, his features contorting in horrible pain. I imagined heat flowing down the length of my arm, into the tips of my fingers and streaming across the chilled air of the room towards Sean's body.

I don't know how it worked. I don't know how I was doing what I was doing, but I could see Max's skin blistering in front of my eyes, his screams never-ending, his legs giving out underneath him as his back hit the far end of the room.

I was so consumed with what was happening, so focused on what I was doing, too caught up into getting him away from me, to ascertain that he would not be able to hurt me anymore, that I didn't pay much attention to the front door.

Or Sean's father that was running through the gaping doorway in response to his son's screams of death.

In the same moment as he raised his hand towards me, I moved my arm away from Sean and redirected it towards his father, my body trembling from the energy being used and having been spent.

But I was too late. I was too untrained. Too unused to the power.

Too human.

The Sergeant's blast knocked me in the chest and flung me backwards like a useless bug. The blast was not as strong, not lethal, as the one Sean had shot at me at the meeting. But it was still strong enough to knock me out cold.

My last thought before I succumbed to unconsciousness was, He wants me alive.


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