"What are you doing up, honey?"

I jumped, almost spilling the cup of tea I had just picked up from the kitchen counter. My heart was hammering in my chest as I fixed an easy smile on my lips before turning to face my father. "I couldn't sleep." I grimaced sympathetically as I came upon his frail shape. "You?"

He leaned against the doorway, stifling a yawn as he ruffled his hand absently through his hair. "Same." He hitched his head towards me, eyeing my winter scarf. "Cold?"

"Yeah," I answered, wrapping my hands around the hot cup. "I can't seem to get warm."

I was freezing. Ever since Max dropped me off about two hours ago.

My dad looked at me sympathetically. "Is it about that boy? Sean? And what he did?"

I absent-mindedly chewed my bottom lip before answering evasively, "It really wasn't that bad. I guess I'm just a bit rattled by it. Being at the hospital and all."

My dad knew of my aversion to hospitals and doctors, so I hoped that would satisfy his questions.

He nodded slowly and I was holding my breath as he slowly searched my face, afraid that he might find answers in my features that should best remain hidden.

The purple bruises under my father's tired eyes looked darker than ever in the sparse kitchen light as a fleeting spark of concern graced his gaze. "Are you eating okay? You seem thin."

I was momentarily surprised that he had noticed. Most of the time he seemed barely in the land of the living.

I looked at him incredulously. "You're one to talk, Daddy."

He aimed for a smile, but it was unpracticed and wobbly. "Point well made and received, daughter."

I leaned my hip against the edge of the counter, pressing my elbows into the thick cardigan I wore while trying to still my shivers and keeping my cup of tea from spilling over as I raised the warm liquid to my lips. Taking a sip, letting it slide hotly down my throat, I looked at him over the rim of my cup, "How about a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich...?", hoping that he would go for it. Even if it was just to be nice to me or to keep me company.

He really needed to eat something.

And after my rendezvous with Max, I found myself ravenous. It was the first time since Max had announced that he was going to find a way to not be connected to me that I had something resembling an appetite.

The connection still had to be broken, and my life was probably going to be hell from now on, but just knowing that Max was on my side in all of this, made it easier.

"That actually sounds delicious," my dad said and stepped into the kitchen.

"Great," I smiled, my heart feeling light. I could see a small sign of my dad, like he was before the fire. Maybe there was hope of getting him back from that deep well of sorrow.

Would I even be aware of my dad once Sean had gotten a hold of me?

Would I still be me?

Would I still notice if my dad was doing okay or would I walk around in a haze, like a zombie..?

Overcome with pitch black sadness, I pulled my father into a hug as he passed by me. I pressed my cold nose into the curve of his neck and squeezed my eyes tightly closed. I noticed the surprise in the tentativeness with which he hugged me back and my arms tightened around him.

"I love you, Daddy," I whispered, swallowing back the tears.

Would I continue to love my father? Or would my feelings (the ones that were not mind controlled) go away?

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