The alarm on my phone woke me up with a jolt.

Where am I?

It took me a moment to line up my thoughts before I realized that I was in my bed. In the sudden quietness of my bedroom.

It only took another before apprehension crawled up my skin as my last memory before waking up resurfaced.

Sean's blue eyes staring intently at me.

Anxiety hopped onto my chest and pressed down. My breathing escalated and grew more strained as I gathered the ends of my bed sheet in my fists.

What had he done? What had he done?

I automatically searched for Max at the back of my mind, needing his support to help me out of the panic attack that was creeping closer. But my breathing changed into hyperventilation as I found myself alone and I remembered that I had closed the connection.

Oh my God. What had Sean done?

I shuffled out of my bed, tried to straighten up to get air into my lungs as my ribcage constricted.

Breathe. Breathe.

I thought of Max and imagined his voice in my head.


And I managed to get my breathing under control, leaving my whole body trembling. With my lungs back on track, my eyes slowly dropped to look down my body and chills slowly crawled along my spine.

Was I still a virgin?

I bit the inside of my cheek, closing my eyes in concentration, and focused on not letting another anxiety attack take hold of me.

Had Sean fulfilled his goal? Had he bonded with me?

I frowned and searched through my head. But there was no one else in my head. Only me.

Maybe it didn't feel the same way as it had with Max. Maybe Sean's presence would be more coming and going.

And I didn't feel sore - down there. Wasn't I supposed to feel sore afterwards?

I spotted the reflection of my face in the large oval mirror above my chest of drawers. I turned towards my image and walked closer to the mirror. Leaning into my reflection, I observed the dark circles under my eyes, the hollowness of my cheeks (I should probably start eating more) and the paleness of my skin. There were small patches of blush on the top of my cheeks, which contrasted heavily - almost oddly - to the lifelessness of my face.

But other than me looking horrible, I didn't seem that different.

Shouldn't I look different?

Or was that the romance novels feeding into me? That you always looked different after having sex for the first time?

A knock at my door brought me out of my conflicting thoughts.

"Honey? Are you up?"

Dad. What was dad doing up? He was never up this early these days.

"Yeah..." I cleared my throat, trying to will it to be stronger than I felt and repeated, "Yes, I'm up."

"Are you going to school today?" Dad asked through the door.

I looked back at the reflection and nodded. "Yes." I was definitely going to school today.

There was someone I needed to see.


His eyes were dark and unreadable as we locked gazes. He immediately looked away and turned to his sister who was walking next to him, apparently saying something funny because she laughed in response.

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