He took a step back from me, running his hands through his hair, which didn't do much to fix the mess my hands had done to it earlier in our moment of indescribable passion.

I stepped away from the wall and noticed that one half of my pants was covered in white chalk dust.

"You didn't close it," he mumbled. "Of course you didn't. You don't know how. No one does."

I bit my lip, wondering if he had forgotten that I was in the room as he started pacing (which wasn't really that easy to do considering the limited space).

"But I couldn't feel you. And Sean got through."

He looked at me, eyes conflicted, his shoulders tense. "You never removed it. You just paused it." He rolled his eyes skywards. "Of course. How else would I've been able to bring the connection back after you closed it the first time? And all I did then was kiss you. Just like now."

I felt like a failure. My one task in trying to save us had been to push him away, to end our bond. But obviously I couldn't even do that.

"Just like now," I murmured and uninhibitedly blushed. I swallowed and dropped my eyes, forgetting that he could feel every inch of disappointment, every sliver of failure and rejection in my body.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when he, just the fraction of a second later, was standing in front of me, his index finger under my chin, gently prompting me to look up.

"Hey." His voice was gentle and I felt his own guilt and hopelessness flow through the connection. "This is not your fault. Okay?"

I swallowed, my mind already trying to come up with options, with alternatives and solutions as to how to turn off my bond to Max (that I really didn't want to turn off at all), and I could barely look at him.

"Liz," he pleaded gently. "Look at me."

I sighed and obliged. He looked so sad. So...lost. I bit my lower lip and, as usual, noticed his eyes travel down to watch. But this time he leaned in and softly fused our lips together, and pulled my bottom lip from between my teeth and tugged it between his own.

My heart clenched.

And just as suddenly as it had happened, Max pulled back. His gaze was waiting for me as I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at him through my eyelashes.

He slowly shook his head and his nausea was pulsating through our bond. "I don't know what to do. I should just-"

He took a step back, swiftly turned around and slammed his fist into the wall. I jumped, my heart missing a beat.

"Fuck," he cried and then lowered his voice as if he had just remembered that we were cutting class and were not supposed to be discovered, as he repeated, "Fuckfuckfuckfuck-"

My pulse was throbbing in my ears.

"Max." I swallowed and walked up to him, putting my hands on his shoulders, squeezing and pressing my cheek between the shoulder blades of his well-muscled back.

His monologue reached a deafening end and my arms slid down his back and curled around his waist. He brought his hands up to cover mine at the front and we just stood there, for what seemed like forever.

"Do you have any idea what I would do if anything happened to you?" His quiet voice broke the silence, its abruptness making me jump. "I hate that you have to bond with Sean."

I tensed and held my breath, letting him speak. I had no more words.

"Every other second I try to come up with a plan for the perfect murder so that I can get rid of him and he won't be able to hurt you."

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