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My body jerked into wakefulness with an alertness that may have called into question whether I had even been unconscious, and I immediately sat up from my sideway position on the...bed?

My eyes darted around the room and I had a fleeting thought that I had been there before when my frightened scan collided with the tall dark figure standing with arms crossed over his chest, back against the wall next to the doorframe.

The Sergeant.

"Hello, Ms. Parker," he drawled.

My first thought was of Max and I instinctively searched my head for him. But my mind was still solo-operated.

"Where's Max?" I croaked. I was aching all over and my head was spinning from my rather rapid move into an upright position.

The man pushed off the wall and, on reflex, I pressed back up against the headboard of the bed.

Don't look into his eyes! my thoughts were screaming at me. But I would very soon realize that the Sergeant didn't need eye contact to connect.

As he slowly stalked up to the bed, my arms and legs became unresponsive. It was not rocket science to figure out what was going on. To my relief, my thoughts remained my own.

"We've met before. Before today's meeting." There was a twinkle in his green piercing eyes.

He took a seat on the bed, far enough away that I could breathe, but close enough that I could feel the energy swirl around him. This man was powerful. Very powerful.

And right then I could feel that power banging against my mind. Like a persistent, and not so gentle, construction worker with a large sledgehammer trying to break through a stubborn bricked wall.

The Sergeant kept up the conversation like he wasn't working on giving me a massive headache, and his face revealed nothing as he continued, "But you might not remember."

I ignored the temptation to try and regain control of my body, instead focusing my energy on keeping him out of my mind. I had a feeling that he was currently unable to gain access to my innermost thought processes. Even though he seemed to be in perfect control of the parts of my brain governing my bodily movements.

"Where's Max?" I asked again. If he wasn't going to answer my questions, I was not going to engage in his line of discussion.

"Max Evans," the Sergeant stated slowly, almost contemplatively. "That boy sure is one major pain in the ass."

"Did you hurt him?" I asked through gritted teeth.

My body felt weird, since it wasn't responding to my anger appropriately. It was not right to be sitting like a propped up rag doll when a very dangerous man was seated mere two feet away from you.

The Sergeant cocked his head to the side, regarding me curiously. "Interesting. My son was telling me that you were difficult, but I would never have anticipated..."

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