Right about then I wished for telepathic abilities so that I could talk this fact over with my innocent fair-haired girlfriend. Did anyone except Maria know that I hypothesized the mysterious trio of Roswell High to be dark creatures of the night?

From the smirk on Max's lips - those sensual lips - I had the strange ominous feeling that he knew. That, in dressing up as Dracula, he was sharing a private joke with me.

I jumped as Maria started talking next to me and realized that I had disappeared into my thoughts for awhile, the world around me dimming away. "You're Dracula."

I looked at my best friend and wondered, due to her ability to pick up on my recent thought, if she might be able to read minds after all.

"Too predictable?" Max asked, his voice dry with a touch of nonchalance, while his eyes had yet to leave my face. 

A tremble of disconcerting excitement moved through me.

"That's funny," Maria acknowledged, "because my friend Liz here happens to be dressed up as your enemy."

Max quirked an eyebrow and I felt his eyes burrow through me as they, if possible, turned a shade darker. A shiver of danger rushed through me.

Stop staring at me!

Max leaned in and I could feel his warm breath flutter across my mouth as I went completely still. "You came here to kill me?" he asked darkly, his voice lowering an octave.

I don't know why, but his question scared me. Maybe it was because of the irony of him threatening me when I was the one feeling like the prey.

"You better watch your back," I answered, my eyes flickering to his lips which were only half an inch from mine, and I was surprised at the strength of my voice. I felt anything but.

Amusement flickered in his eyes and his lips seemed to caress the words of, "I will."

With that, Max Evans straightened and looked at Maria - breaking eye contact with me for the first time since the start of the meeting - with the smug airiness that he was known for to the rest of the school. "There's booze inside. Help yourself."

"Cool," Maria smiled happily.

Max looked at me again and paused for just a second before leaning in close again.  

I froze.

His eyes flickered to my lips again, as mine had done just seconds before, and I felt the air around me zing my skin as he slowly licked his lips.

It was strange, the conflicting emotions he managed to create in me. Goosebumps were erupting across my entire body while my heart got strangled with nervousness as he bypassed my mouth and moved his lips close to my ear. So close that I could feel them brush against the outer curve of my earlobe.

"Later, Vampire Slayer."

Normally - if it had been anyone else but Max Evans - I would've rolled my eyes at the cheesy rhyme and most likely pushed him away for rudely invading my personal space. But Max Evans was not just anyone else. 

He was walking away before I had a chance to register that he was no longer standing next to me.

"What did he say?"

I turned to the globe-sized eyes of Maria and shrugged, "Who knows? He's not the most eloquent guy."

Maria narrowed her eyes at me and said, "Hmph," with disapproval. "Is there something you're not telling me, Lizzie? About Max Evans?"

I frowned, still trying to get my feelings under control. I was both warm and cold, trembles replacing shivers, the small hairs on my arms standing at attention, my heart beating hard in my chest and adrenaline making my mouth feel dry.

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