"When did you write me that note?" Max asked into my hair.

"This morning," I answered, relieved that I had all my memories back in place. Well, except for whatever happened with Sean the night before.

"So you knew this morning," Max said. "When you met me in the hall?"

I scoffed. "Yeah. Good acting, by the way."

He pressed a kiss against my hair. "I didn't know if you would remember or not. I wasn't sure how much Sean would tamper with."

I pulled back and looked up into his dynamic gorgeous face. "So you know that Sean visited me last night?"

He grimaced with pain as he trailed his fingers down the side of my face. "Even if I was very cold and mostly out of it at the time, there was no way to miss when you closed the connection. I figured it was because Sean had arrived."

I swallowed. "I need you to check."

His eyes widened. "Check what?"

"I need you to check if he..." I hesitated and licked my lips, "If he completed the bond."

My unspoken hint was so clear that Max's face immediately paled and he took a step back as his eyes traveled down my body.

Yes, Max. I need you to check if I've had sex.

He shook his head slowly and mumbled quietly, "No... he didn't call me."

I frowned. What?

But Max's discomfort interrupted what I might have been wanting to say before I could even formulate a question. I got the feeling that he wasn't even aware that he had said the previous words out loud.

"I-" he stuttered, his stance distressed as he let his arms slide away from my waist. "You should be able to feel if he was in your head. And-" He looked up at me with a frown, "-you shouldn't be remembering all the details about Sean or everything that's happened between us if he had completed the bond. He wouldn't let you keep those memories."

"But what about earlier?" I insisted. "Why couldn't I remember just now? Maybe it was only an incomplete bond, maybe-" Nausea crept up my throat. What if you needed to have an orgasm to complete the bond or something?

I saw the matching look of horror on Max's face and wondered if he himself knew the specific details to how a bond is formed through 'copulation' (as he so neatly had referred to it earlier). There was a flash of insecurity across his features, but it was gone so quickly that I wondered if I had just imagined it.

"Maybe he didn't finish?" Max filled in, disgust in his voice, and I knew that he had been thinking the same thing as me, even though it could be interpreted in more ways than one.

I worried my bottom lip with my teeth. "Could you please just check?"

He took another step back, creating more space between us. "I don't..."

"There should be some...change, right? Tissue damage?" I tried, not wanting to face his reluctance. Why didn't he want to help me?

"Maybe," he mumbled. "But probably not if it was...consensual."

Offense exploded in me. "It wasn't!"

He shoot me an incredulous look. "Maybe not intentionally, but..."

My heart clenched. Right. Sean would have coerced me into believing that I wanted to have sex with him.

"What about-" I reddened, heat blazing through me at what I was about to ask him, "- the hymen? You could tell if it was intact or not, right?"

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