"Come. Come with me."

I looked up into his blue eyes, the fear rushing through me like ice cold water, and I slowly shook my head in refusal at his offered hand.


"Don't be ridiculous, Lizzie. There are sharks in these deserts. We need to be careful."

The almost painfully bright rays of the sun bounced off against the calm surface of the small lake behind him and I wondered if he was telling the truth. How could sharks live there anyway?

The sand was burning into my feet as I shook my head. "I don't want to go with you."

"There's no one else, Liz," he said and as I looked up at him his face had been shrouded in shadows. I couldn't make out his features anymore. "We're alone here."

"No," I refused. There had to be someone else.

While I blinked the person in front of me was replaced by someone else. Golden brown eyes looked down at me, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Come. Come with me."

I found myself shaking my head again. This surprised me. I didn't want to go with him either. It didn't feel safe. My whole body was tightening in fear and every instinct I owned was screaming at me to run. Run far away in the opposite direction.

"It's me," his soft voice - which I knew so well - coaxed. "It's just me."

"I don't trust you," I whispered. Behind his head, clouds pulled up. Dark, thunderous clouds. I added in a hard-set, "A storm is coming."

"Yes," he mumbled and grabbed my arm.

I startled, feeling his normally gentle fingers digging harshly into my upper arm, and pulled backwards. "Let me go!"

"What's wrong, Lizzie? You love me, remember?"

My breath hitched coldly in my chest as I watched his face change right in front of my eyes. His eyes turned larger, lost their brown as the pupils drowned everything out. His mouth disappeared - faded - while his skin shifted color.

"No..." I whispered, feeling the fingers of the hand around my arm elongate and curl almost two loops around my arm.

"You love all of me," the...thing in front of me said. But there were no lips moving (there were no lips) and the telepathic voice was grating painfully against my mind.

"You told me..." My body was falling apart in fear. I was shaking so badly I could barely form the next thought. The clouds were moving in, blocking out the sun, and darkening our surroundings.

"You've bonded with me." The large bottomless, emotionless eyes stared at me. "It's too late to go back. You're mine. You're all mine."

He snaked the fingers around my other arm, trapping me in coldness. I struggled against his hold, fear fueling me to extreme levels.

Thunder ripped across the sky and I bolted awake.

"Are you okay?"

I flinched at the hand that came up on my shoulder, my breath harsh and labored in my chest as my eyes flickered around the dark room trying to orient myself.

"Liz?" his voice said next to mine and his strong presence both next to me in the bed and in my mind was coaxing me to calm down.

I ran my hands up across my cheeks and through my hair. My face was damp, my scalp equally sweaty. Heartbeat after heartbeat was thundering against the inside of my ribcage.

I felt the sheet move around my waist as he shifted beside me.

Safe. I'm safe. I'm safe safe safe.

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