"Do you want to play a game?" he asked with a smile, angling his head inquisitively to the side.

A heavy metal bracelet was digging into my wrist, rubbing against wounds that were already chafed into my skin. The chain that was attached to that two inch thick 'bracelet' made clinking sounds of iron against iron as I scooted further back up against the cold wall.

The bricked wall was rough against my bare back, scratching against my chilled skin, but my attention was on the silver gun Sean was holding in his hands. Wiggling it back and forth like a toy gun. He kept spinning the cylinder, where I knew that the bullets were housed, while his taunting and challenging eyes were locked on my face to gloat in my fear.

"No," I whispered, pulling my exposed legs to my chin, making myself as small and compact as possible.

It was cold and I felt vulnerable, positioned in my underwear in front of him.

"Come on." He rolled his eyes at my answer. "Don't be a partypooper." He flipped open the cylinder and shook the gun. The bullets made small innocent sounds when they hit the floor in a sporadic pattern.

To think that just one of those small things had the power to end someone's life.

Sean reached out and took one of the bullets that had rolled next to my foot. Grinning at me, he slowly caressed the top of my naked foot before he grabbed the bullet and put it in one of the chambers, making a show out of spinning the cylinder several times before clicking it back in position.

"You might have heard of it," he mused, shuffling closer so that his crosslegged knee pressed against my shin. "Apparently, someone in the Russian army came up with it." He looked down at the gun and laughed softly, "The Russians sure know how to have fun." He cocked the weapon and pointed it at my head. "Ladies first?"

My heart was pounding wildly in my chest as I looked down the barrel of the gun. My hands were so sweaty that they were losing their grip on my knees, my legs sliding forward and colliding with Sean's before I pulled them back up again.

"Please, Sean, don't..." I pleaded and jumped in blinding fear as he pulled the trigger. There was no bang. There was no pain.

Only the click of the cylinder moving to the next chamber.

Sean laughed at my reaction. Laughed so hard that tears seeped out of the corners of his eyes. He laughed while I was on the verge of throwing up.

Tears were seeping out of my eyes too. But not because of cold-hearted amusement.

"You should have seen your face," Sean sniveled breathlessly with a big smile as he wiped his eyes. He was still in the process of wiping his tears at my fear when he quickly put the gun to his forehead, cocked it, and pulled the trigger.

I squeezed my eyes closed and jumped at the anticipated loud sound of a gun going off. But it didn't come this time either.

"Isn't this fun?" Sean breathed, true joy in his voice, and I opened my eyes to look straight into the darkness of the barrel once again. "Maybe if you're the lucky winner I can just call for Dr. Evans and have him heal you. And we can do this all over again."

I pushed my head towards my knees, huddling together, as my tears ran down my legs. I was so afraid I was numb.

"I can think of much funnier games," a voice said to my left and I froze.

Lifting my head to the gun in front of me, I noticed that Sean had become immobilized as well. The gun in his hand lowered slightly as he turned to look at the owner of that voice. I mimicked the turn of his head, the blood rushing through my head because I already knew who would be standing there.

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